Zombie Hunter Sniper v3.0.75 Mod (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Hunter Sniper v3.0.75 Mod (Unlimited Money)

Android Android 9.0 and upAction
Price: $0
App Name Zombie Hunter Sniper
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Version 3.0.75 Build 139
OS Required 9.0 and up
Genre Action
Size 69.64 MB
Release Date Aug 22, 2023
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Zombie Hunter Sniper is the most famous version in the Zombie Hunter Sniper series of publisher Viva Games Studios
Mod Version 3.0.75 Build 139

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked
[Note: Money and Gold increase when spent!]

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In the Zombie Hunter video game, you can enter a bloody battlefield full of zombies. Imagine a world where zombies outnumber humans and hide in the dark day and night, ready to attack. They have been devastating the Earth since the beginning and no one can stop them. Since you have suddenly appeared as a great savior, there is more reason for hope than ever. As a result of the rivalry between two completely different forces, expect extremely bloody clashes.



Wherever you go, zombies will attack you and once they get you, they will tear you to pieces, tearing each other apart. Since they have been infected with a malicious virus, the zombies cannot understand the consequences of their actions. You don’t stand a chance if you can’t get away quickly. Eyes wide open and blinking, wanting to destroy you in an instant. Since their ultimate goal is to eat people, attacks on them gradually become their target. The players are their only hope for survival, so proceed with caution.

Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

Shooting Zombie Hunter is looking for professionals with super shooting skills. Even if the zombies in the team look at you with surprise, they still lose. Your relaxed demeanor shows that you are a hero at heart. No need to give up because zombies are not very pretty; aim straight and shoot. They must be destroyed immediately before they can cause further harm to the world.


Your shooting skills will improve daily and increase as you kill zombies. Their army overcame the difficult initial step and moved on. At first, their strength may scare you, but over time you will get used to it. You can start by trying to hit one target and then move on to two. However, with one target, a good weapon can quickly destroy an entire army. Your skills will gradually improve as you progress through the levels.

Zombie Hunter: Killing Games


Before fighting zombies, you need to arm yourself, as they know martial arts. Players in Zombie Hunter can choose from a variety of weapons including sniper rifles, pistols, bows, and anything they can afford. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, but getting started and moving quickly is very easy. Just hold the gun in your hand, aim at the zombies, and pull the trigger while moving in the opposite direction. They are sent quickly when you pull the trigger, but you have to be patient. The number of rounds you take should be proportional to the number of zombies you face, which is more likely to happen than you think.

Zombie Hunter: Killing Games


The developers of Zombie Hunter deserve credit for creating terrifying new zombie designs in the game. The virus can infect both ordinary people and healthcare workers. As they sprawled helplessly on the floor, the zombies looked particularly repulsive. They are more likely to act now because they can see everyone, including you. They can kill people and come in many shapes and forms. They will quickly and easily kill you from behind or right in front of your eyes if you ignore them.


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