Z-Info v1.0.45.28 (Preactivated/Full)

Z-Info v1.0.45.28 (Preactivated/Full)

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Z-Info is a widely used and popular free system information tool for Windows. It provides detailed information about the hardware components of the computer. Z-Info is used by users, system builders, and overclockers to gather information about the processor (CPU), motherboard, memory (RAM), and other system components.


Z-Info is a highly rated and widely used free system information tool designed only for Windows users. Developed by CPUID, this tool has a diverse user base including casual users, system builders, and overclocking enthusiasts. Essentially, Z-Info is capable of detailing the complex hardware components that make up a computer. The user-friendly interface provides detailed, real-time information about the processor (CPU), motherboard, memory (RAM), and other key system components.

If you want to understand system characteristics for troubleshooting, updating, or performance testing, Z-Info may be the best solution. For those pushing the limits of their hardware, it provides detailed information about clock speed, cache size, and voltage, making it an invaluable tool for optimizing system performance. It is a lightweight standalone program that is simple and effective, allowing users to get complete hardware information without the need for installation. In the dynamic environment of system monitoring and data collection, Z-Info maintains its status as a critical tool that provides users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their computer systems.


Z-Info is a widely used system information tool that has become a cornerstone for users, system builders, and overclocking enthusiasts on the Windows platform. Developed by CPUID, this free tool is designed to take a detailed look at your computer’s hardware components. This is due to the ability to provide detailed information about the processor (CPU), motherboard, memory (RAM), and other system components. Its user-friendly interface is accessible and efficient, making it a popular resource for users who need detailed system configuration information.

One of Z-Info’s strengths is its real-time data display, which offers users a dynamic overview of CPU clock speed, core count, and utilization. This tool provides excellent information about the motherboard, showing manufacturer information, model specifications, chipset information, and even the BIOS version. In addition, the memory section provides extensive information such as RAM type, size, frequency, and timing to help users optimize their system performance.

The Z-Info tool goes beyond the average user and caters to the specific needs of system builders and overclockers. It is invaluable for evaluating processor and memory performance, and its benchmarks allow users to assess their system’s capabilities and potential areas for improvement. Overclockers provide Z-Info with accurate information about clock speeds, voltages, and cache sizes, as well as help optimize system parameters.

The lightweight standalone Z-Info program emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. Users can run the tool directly without installing it, which improves usability. Additionally, Z-Info makes it easy for users to interact with the community by allowing users to create verification files and share hardware configuration details on forums or online platforms. Z-Info maintains its status as an indispensable companion, giving users a comprehensive view of the “core” of their computer system in real-time.


Processor Information: Provide the name, model, and underlying architecture of the processor (CPU). Real-time monitoring of clock speeds, multipliers, and core usage.

Motherboard Information: Indicate the manufacturer, model, and chipset of the motherboard. Detailed information about the BIOS version and date.

Memory Information: Information about RAM, including type, size, time, and duration. Monitor memory usage in real-time.

Graphics Info: Detailed information about your graphics card, including GPU type, manufacturer, and amount of memory.

System Information: General information about operating system changes, versions, and changes. Find out information about connected storage devices.

Benchmarking: the ability to compare processor and memory performance. Comparison of test results with the same system.

Authentication: The ability to create and use authentication files to obtain detailed hardware configuration information. The capabilities of the system are monitored on forums or online communities.

Sensors: Monitor various changes such as temperature, voltage, and fan speed. View devices in real-time to help users monitor health status.

Customization and Export: Interface customization options that allow you to choose what information to display to the user. Feature to export product assets as text or HTML for further sizing analysis and documentation.

Portable and lightweight: can be installed and operated independently. Lightweight application with minimal impact on system resources.

Multi-platform support: There are versions or alternatives for the Linux and Android platforms that are native to Windows.

Regular updates: It is an updated product that supports the latest hardware components and provides accurate information.

User-friendly interface: The simple and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to a wide range of users, including enthusiasts.

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