xplorer2 Professional v5.5.0.1 (Preactivated/Full)

xplorer2 Professional v5.5.0.1 (Preactivated/Full)

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xplorer2 Professional is a desktop file manager that combines the simplicity of Windows Explorer with the speed and efficiency of traditional dual-pane file managers. It’s designed to help you be more productive with your documents, images, music, source code, and other files.


xplorer2 Professional is a powerful desktop file manager that combines the user-friendly interface of Windows Explorer with the improved speed and efficiency of traditional dual-pane file managers. The software is carefully designed to allow users to increase productivity when working with a wide variety of files, including documents, images, music, and source code. Its two-pane interface allows two directory trees to be displayed simultaneously, which supports a simplified approach to file navigation and management. The inclusion of a folder interface facilitates multitasking and allows users to work with multiple folders simultaneously.

xplorer2 Professional goes beyond the limitations of standard file explorers by offering advanced features such as search and filter options, batch file renaming, integrated file viewing and editing, and seamless integration with external tools and scripts. Whether simplifying routine file operations or exploring more complex file management tasks, xplorer2 Professional offers a comprehensive and customizable solution designed to meet the diverse needs of users looking for an easy and efficient desktop file management experience.


xplorer2 Professional is a versatile and powerful desktop file manager designed to improve file navigation and management on Windows systems. Xplorer2 Professional combines the familiarity of Windows Explorer with the efficiency of traditional dual-pane file managers, offering users a rich environment for working with documents, images, music, source code and a variety of file types. The two-pane interface allows users to view and manage two directory trees simultaneously, dramatically improving workflow efficiency.

Xplorer2 Professional is characterized by its commitment to productivity. This software goes beyond the capabilities of standard file explorers by providing advanced features such as powerful search and filter options. Users can quickly locate files based on various criteria, which increases the speed and accuracy of file searches. The inclusion of a folder interface facilitates multitasking, allows users to work with multiple folders simultaneously, and improves overall organization.

The versatility of the software supports batch file operations, including batch renaming. This feature simplifies repetitive tasks and offers a practical solution for users dealing with large files. Integrated file viewing and editing capabilities allow users to preview and modify file content without using external software. xplorer2 Professional not only simplifies everyday file operations but also allows customization and extension. The software supports integration with external tools and scripts, giving users the flexibility to expand functionality based on specific needs or workflows.

Designed to combine simplicity with efficiency, xplorer2 Professional is designed for a wide range of people, from casual users to professionals with complex file management tasks. Whether searching a directory, searching for specific files, or organizing massive amounts of data, xplorer2 Professional offers a comprehensive and customizable solution. Overall, It is a powerful ally for users looking for an enhanced and productive file management experience on their Windows desktop. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Dual-pane interface: xplorer2 Professional usually has a dual-pane interface that allows users to manage and manage files and folders more efficiently by displaying two separate directory trees side by side.

Advanced File Operations: The software provides advanced file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, and renaming files. These actions can often be performed using customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Tabbed interface: Users can work with multiple folders simultaneously using a tabbed interface similar to web browsers. This feature simplifies file management and improves organization.

Search and Filter Options: xplorer2 Professional usually includes powerful search and filter options that allow users to quickly find files based on various criteria such as file type, date, and size.

File Viewer and Editor: The software offers a built-in file viewer and editor that allows users to preview file contents without using an external program.

Batch Renaming: xplorer2 Professional usually supports batch file renaming and provides a tool to rename multiple files at once based on a user-defined pattern.

Integration with external tools: Users can integrate xplorer2 Professional with external tools and applications to extend its functionality and perform specialized tasks.

Scripting and Automation: The software supports scripting and automation through the use of scripts, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks and customize the behavior of the software.

Folder Synchronization: xplorer2 Professional may contain folder synchronization features to help you compare and synchronize files between different folders.

Extended File Information: Users can access detailed file information such as attributes, properties, and metadata to get a comprehensive view of each file.

Network and FTP Support: The software usually supports network and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connections to allow users to manage files on remote servers.


xplorer2 Professional Full Preactivated

xplorer2 Professional Full Preactivated

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