ViewCompanion Premium v15.1.0.1010 (Preactivated/Full)

ViewCompanion Premium v15.1.0.1010 (Preactivated/Full)

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ViewCompanion Premium is software for viewing, printing, and converting various file formats related to technical drawings and documents. This is especially useful in industries that work extensively with engineering drawings, schematics, and other technical documents.


ViewCompanion Premium is a powerful software that can view, print, and convert various file formats including PDF, DWF, CGM, PLT, TIFF, and CALS. It also offers PDF to CAD conversion, marking, measuring, comparing, merging, dividing, and other functions. You can use it to convert your files to various output formats. With built-in PDF to CAD tools, you can convert your PDF files into editable DXF, Gerber, CGM, or SVG files. Both batch conversion and batch printing are included. The software can be configured to monitor a user-defined folder, and all files copied to this folder will be automatically printed using your settings.

You can also add comments or annotations to your document. You can combine multiple files of different formats into one multi-page PDF, DWF, or TIFF file. ViewCompanion can split a multi-page PDF, TIFF, or DWF file into multiple files. You can split PDF files based on the maximum number of pages per file or the maximum file size of each output file. With ViewCompanion, you can measure the length and area of dimensions. All measurements can be made with the highest accuracy using image geometry. Adjusting your zoom tool will make your images accurate, even if not 1:1. Measurement results can be exported to an Excel workbook (XLSX) or CSV file, which can be opened with any spreadsheet program.

Use ViewCompanion to compare files from different versions and see the differences visually. You can compare all supported file formats, including PDF. Multi-page PDF files can be compared page by page. Mark up your files using markup elements such as text, highlights, dimension lines, field sizes, stamps, hands, arrows, barcodes, symbols, images, and more. ViewCompanion supports a character library that makes it easy to add frequently used characters as annotations. You can create your character library from any image file. After installation, you will find several libraries. All markup elements will be stored in a separate file and the original file will not change. Markup elements can be included when printing or converting a viewed file.


ViewCompanion Premium is a comprehensive software solution designed to meet the needs of professionals working with technical drawings and documents in a variety of industries. This versatile tool is a powerful tool for viewing, printing, and converting a wide variety of file formats related to engineering and technical documents.

One of the highlights of ViewCompanion Premium is its extensive support for multiple file formats. The software handles AutoCAD formats such as DWG and DXF very well and is compatible with industry-standard engineering drawings. In addition, ViewCompanion Premium extends its reach to Adobe PDF files and various image formats, providing a versatile solution for those dealing with a wide range of technical document types.

ViewCompanion Premium provides a user-friendly interface to efficiently manage complex maps. Users benefit from zooming, scrolling, and navigation tools needed to deal with the details of large and complex images. The software’s viewing capabilities allow professionals to inspect and analyze technical documents in detail. The program’s printing functionality is equally robust, allowing users to print high-quality technical drawings. With advanced print options, users can customize print settings to meet specific requirements, and the output will accurately reflect the details of the original image.

ViewCompanion Premium goes beyond viewing and printing by offering powerful conversion tools. Users can convert files between different formats for greater flexibility in document distribution and collaboration. For example, the software supports converting AutoCAD DWG files to PDF or other compatible formats, making it easy to share technical drawings across different platforms.

Efficiency is the focus of ViewCompanion Premium, and batch processing capabilities underscore this promise. Users can process multiple files in batches, saving valuable time and effort, especially when working with large volumes of technical drawings and documents. This feature increases workflow productivity and allows professionals to manage and organize their technical documents more effectively.

Collaboration is further facilitated through the software’s markup and annotation tools. ViewCompanion Premium allows users to add captions, annotations, and captions directly to photos, improving communication and collaboration among team members. These collaboration capabilities make the software an invaluable asset to project teams, where accurate feedback and input are critical.

ViewCompanion Premium provides viewing and collaboration tools, as well as advanced measurement capabilities. Users can use measuring tools to accurately measure distances, angles, and dimensions on drawings to ensure accuracy when analyzing and interpreting technical documents. ViewCompanion Premium’s layer management support is especially useful for AutoCAD users. The software allows you to effectively organize and visualize the different layers in the image, thus contributing to a more streamlined and organized work environment.

In summary, ViewCompanion Premium is a complete solution for engineers, architects, and design professionals who rely on technical drawings and documents. Wide format support, intuitive viewing and printing capabilities, powerful conversion tools, batch processing efficiency, and collaboration features make it the choice for those looking for a versatile and reliable technical document management software solution. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


File format support: ViewCompanion Premium supports a variety of file formats, including AutoCAD formats such as DWG and DXF, Adobe PDF, and various drawing formats. This broad compatibility allows users to work with various types of technical documents.

Viewing Tools: The software provides powerful technical drawing viewing tools, allowing users to easily zoom, rotate, and reorient complex images. This is essential for checking the details of large, detailed images.

Printability: ViewCompanion Premium provides high-quality printing of technical drawings with advanced printing options. Users can change print settings so that the printed output accurately represents the details of the original image.

Conversion Tool: This program includes powerful conversion features and allows users to convert files between different formats. For example, it supports the conversion of AutoCAD DWG files to PDF or other compatible formats, improving the flexibility of document distribution.

Batch processing: ViewCompanion Premium supports batch processing, allowing users to process multiple files simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for efficiently managing and organizing large technical drawings and documents.

Annotation and Annotation: The software includes annotation and annotation tools that allow users to add annotations, annotations, and annotations directly to images. This facilitates collaboration and communication among team members during the review process.

Measuring Tools: Advanced measuring functions allow users to accurately measure distances, angles, and dimensions on images. This accuracy is very important for professionals who need to analyze and accurately interpret technical documents.

Layer Management: Especially useful for AutoCAD users, ViewCompanion Premium provides tools to manage and visualize different layers of a drawing. This feature improves organization and clarity when working with layered images.

Multi-Language Support: ViewCompanion Premium offers multi-language support to cater to a diverse user base and facilitate usability for people with different language preferences.

User-Friendly Interface: Software usually has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users with varying levels of expertise. Smart navigation and clear menu options contribute to a positive user experience.


ViewCompanion Premium Full Preactivated

ViewCompanion Premium Full Preactivated

ViewCompanion Premium Full Preactivated

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