TreeSize Professional v9.1.3.1877 (Preactivated/Full)

TreeSize Professional v9.1.3.1877 (Preactivated/Full)

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TreeSize Professional is disk space management software for analyzing, visualizing and managing the space allocation of storage devices such as hard drives and network drives. The software provides a detailed overview of the size and structure of the directories and files on the selected disk, allowing the user to identify the folders or files that take up the most space on the disk.


TreeSize Professional is a hard disk space management solution for comprehensive analysis, visualization, and control of space allocation for various storage devices such as hard disks and network drives. The software carefully examines the selected disk and offers a detailed overview of the size and structure of directories and files. Through an intelligent, hierarchical tree structure, users can gain valuable insight into disk space allocation and identify folders or files that contribute significantly to storage usage.

This capability is invaluable to customers looking to optimize their storage resources as they can better identify and address space hogs. Featuring convenient reports, integration with Windows Explorer, and support for network drives, TreeSize Professional is a versatile tool that helps individuals and network administrators make informed decisions about disk space management. Whether analyzing internal storage or evaluating network environments, It provides a user-friendly, comprehensive solution for maintaining efficient and well-organized storage space.


TreeSize Professional is an advanced disk space management software. It focuses on analyzing, visualizing, and managing space allocations, serving individuals and network administrators working with a variety of storage devices, such as hard drives and network drives. The software is very good at providing a detailed overview of the size and structure of the directories and files on the selected disk and displaying this information in a hierarchical tree structure. It helps users to efficiently identify folders and files that take up a lot of disk space and make optimal storage decisions.

One of the standout features of TreeSize Professional is its ability to generate customizable reports. Users can customize reports that include specific information about file and folder sizes, ages, and other attributes so they can track changes and trends over time. The integration of the software with Windows Explorer improves the user experience and allows direct access to its functions from the context menu.

With its user-friendly interface, TreeSize Professional is accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of technical expertise. The software is invaluable for those looking to effectively manage their internal storage and for network administrators who want to monitor and optimize storage across multiple devices.

TreeSize Professional’s versatility extends to supporting network drives, allowing administrators to analyze and manage disk space in complex network environments. This functionality ensures that the software remains a valuable asset for businesses and organizations with diverse storage needs.

In conclusion, TreeSize Professional is a powerful and versatile disk space management solution. Detailed storage usage information, customizable reports, and support for network drives position it as a tool for users looking to optimize and save storage space. Whether individuals use it for personal storage management or network administrators oversee large-scale environments, TreeSize Professional provides powerful features to meet a variety of disk space management needs. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Disk space analysis: TreeSize Professional scans and analyzes the contents of storage devices and provides users with a visual representation of space allocation through a hierarchical tree structure.

File and Folder Size: Users can view file and folder details to help identify large or unnecessary files that are taking up disk space.

File age and access statistics: The software provides insight into file age and last access date, helping users identify which files are rarely used, archived, or deleted.

Multiple views: It offers a directory tree view, file extension view, and more to get a different perspective on disk space usage.

Customizable Reports: Users can create customizable reports that include information about file and folder size, age, and other attributes. These reports can be useful for tracking changes over time.

Integration with Windows Explorer: The Software may be integrated with Windows Explorer, allowing users to directly access its features from the context menu.

Storage Trend Analysis: TreeSize Professional includes features that analyze storage trends over time to help users predict future disk space needs.

Support for Network Drives: The ability to analyze and manage disk space on network drives is a common feature, making TreeSize Professional suitable for both local and network-attached storage environments.


TreeSize Professional Full Preactivated

TreeSize Professional Full Preactivated

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