Total Commander v11.03 Final (Preactivated/Full)

Total Commander v11.03 Final (Preactivated/Full)

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Total Commander for Windows PC (formerly Wincmd) is a file manager for Windows similar to Windows Explorer. But Total Commander uses a different approach: it has two fixed windows side by side, like a well-known file manager for DOS.


Total Commander stands out as a file manager software for Windows users. Developed as an advanced and efficient alternative to the native Windows File Explorer, Total Commander offers powerful features that take file management to new heights. One of its unique features is the dual-pane interface, which offers users two panes to seamlessly manage files and directories. This design increases productivity by allowing simultaneous viewing and manipulation of files in separate directories. Users can easily copy, move, and compare files and display source and destination directories simultaneously.

The dual-pane approach differentiates Total Commander from single-pane file managers, creating a simpler and more intuitive user experience. From managing complex directory structures, performing file operations, and managing large amounts of data, Total Commander’s user-friendly design and extensive feature set make it the choice of those looking for a powerful and versatile file management solution on the Windows platform.


When managing files in Windows, most people stick to the built-in option and work with Explorer. Although it is a reasonably capable tool, it is not always suitable for the more demanding user, and this is where Total Commander can help.

The program is an Explorer replacement tool that features a dual window view designed to make it easier to copy and move files from one folder to another. But Total Commander’s capabilities extend far beyond that. Can use a powerful search facility to refine the file and folder comparison and synchronization tools, ideal for backups and web designers.

A Quick View pane is available for viewing a wide variety of image formats, and integrated support for compressed files such as ZIP, ARJ, RAR, and CAB means you can view the contents of archives without having to extract them first. There is also an integrated FTP server, which means that working with local files is practically the same as working with those stored on a remote server.

The main window has a simple and classic design that does not pose accommodation problems. By default, you get access to two file explorers that show elements in a detailed view. You can change how files and folders are displayed and improve accessibility by running a tree explorer. You are given the option to run multiple instances of the application to enable fast and efficient file manipulation. You can easily edit, copy, move, and delete files, create new folders, or activate synchronization.

In addition to basic management, the application is equipped with several additional tools. You can take advantage of archiving to protect your files, but the settings panel lets you configure external archiving programs as well. For added security, files can be split into multiple parts and combined later, or even encoded using different algorithms.

Personalization is also available, with the option for the top toolbar to only include functions you use frequently. Moreover, you can add shortcuts to external applications, and an additional notepad by default in case you need to write something quickly.

In case you just can’t identify the desired file, an integrated search engine is sure to bring it up. A small window is brought up with settings that allow you to fully define the search criteria. You can perform a simple process by specifying a name and location or pry into advanced settings or even previous search sessions. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Dual-pane interface: Total Commander provides a dual-pane layout, allowing users to more efficiently navigate and manage files and folders with two sidebars.

File Compression and Decompression: It supports ZIP, RAR and other archive formats and allows users to compress and decompress files.

Built-in File Viewer: The software includes a built-in viewer for various file types such as text, images, documents, etc., eliminating the need for external applications.

File synchronization: Total Commander facilitates file synchronization between two directories so that the contents remain the same.

FTP Client: It has an FTP client that allows users to connect to FTP servers and transfer directories and files directly within the program.

Customizable interface: Users can customize the interface with different color schemes, icon sets, and other visual settings.

Multilingual Support: Total Commander is available in multiple languages and caters to a diverse user base.

Quick Search and Filter Options: The software makes it easy to find and manage files by providing quick search functions and advanced filter options.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Total Commander is known for its extensive use of keyboard shortcuts, providing power users with efficient navigation and control.

Directory Comparison: Users can compare the contents of two directories side-by-side to identify differences and facilitate efficient file management.

Batch Rename: Total Commander allows users to rename multiple files in batches, which simplifies the process of organizing and managing large files.

Tabbed Interface: Convenient for users to open multiple tabs within the app and switch between different directory and file operations.


Total Commander Preactivated
Total Commander Preactivated

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