The Bat! Professional v11.1.0.0 (Preactivated/Full)

The Bat! Professional v11.1.0.0 (Preactivated/Full)

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The bat! Professional is a secure desktop email client for Windows. It offers multiple encryption streams to protect your information without having to store your messages in the cloud where global email providers can steal your messages. Its advantages include support for OpenPGP, GnuPG, S/MIME, a powerful filtering system, a Chromium-based HTML viewer, custom image search, and a customizable interface. It also has handy template features like autoloading articles, subscribing to RSS feeds, and more.


Bat! Professional is a highly secure desktop email client designed for Windows users only. It differs from other email services in that it offers multiple streams of encryption and pays special attention to the privacy and security of user data. Unlike other cloud email platforms that are vulnerable to data theft, The Bat! It stores your email locally on your computer and protects sensitive messages from security breaches. This powerful email client improves user protection against cyber threats by monitoring pixels that are commonly distributed in emails and blocking malicious code.

Bat! Professional provides basic features such as support for OpenPGP, GnuPG, and S/MIME encryption protocols, as well as advanced security options. Its powerful filtering system organizes email efficiently, and its Chromium-based HTML viewer ensures a smooth and secure browsing experience. Notable benefits include custom image search, which allows users to easily find icons, as well as custom image search, which allows users to customize the client to their liking.

Including convenient template features such as automatic article downloads and RSS feed subscriptions further enhances the user experience. With strong privacy and security measures and a host of customizable features, The Bat! For users who want a reliable and efficient desktop email client on the Windows platform, the Professional option is a solid choice.


“The Bat! Professional” is a desktop email client for Windows users that focuses on security, privacy, and advanced features. Its unique features include protecting user data by offering multiple encryption streams and focusing on storing email on the user’s computer rather than in the cloud. This unique approach protects sensitive messages from potential data breaches involving cloud-based service providers. The software goes beyond basic security measures to proactively block malicious code and strengthen the user’s protection against cyber threats by tracking pixels that are popularly distributed in e-mail.

Key features of The Bat! Professionals support OpenPGP, GnuPG, and S/MIME encryption protocols, providing users with a variety of advanced security options to protect their communications. The email client has a powerful filtering system that efficiently organizes incoming emails and contributes to a more organized and manageable inbox. The integrated Chromium-based HTML viewer ensures a safe and seamless browsing experience when viewing email content.

Customization is a powerful combination of The Bat! A professional that offers a fully customizable interface for users to customize the client to their liking. It facilitates easy and efficient image searching within e-mail and extends the custom image search functionality. This software is distinguished by design features such as automatic loading of articles, subscription to RSS feeds, and increased user comfort and productivity.

A bat! Designed for individuals and professionals looking for a professional privacy-conscious, feature-rich and secure email client. The promise of keeping sensitive data internal, along with advanced encryption options, makes it a reliable choice for those who value data security. Robust client security measures, customizable interfaces, and additional features contribute to efficient and personalized email management. Whether for personal use or professional communication, The Bat! Professional is a reliable and secure desktop email client on the Windows platform. Users can benefit from a unique approach to email security and a variety of features designed to enhance the overall email management experience. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Defense Features: “Bat!” Special attention is paid to email security. It supports end-to-end encryption using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) protocols to keep email content private and protect against unauthorized access.

Anti-phishing protection: The software includes anti-phishing tools to help you recognize and avoid phishing attempts, which are fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information by pretending to be a trusted organization.

Advanced Filtering and Sorting: Users can set customizable filtering and sorting rules to organize their emails efficiently. This feature allows users to easily manage large volumes of emails.

Powerful search: “Bat!” A professional search engine provides powerful search functionality that allows users to quickly and efficiently find specific emails or information in email archives.

Multiple Account Support: The software supports managing multiple email accounts from different service providers within a single interface, simplifying the process for users with multiple email accounts.

Templates and Quick Templates: Users can create common email response templates or use quick templates to save time when writing messages. This is especially useful in business or professional relationships.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange: “Of course!” Professional software is often compatible with Microsoft Exchange, which allows users to connect to Exchange servers and access their email, calendars, and contacts.

Mobile Sync: Some versions of the software support mobile sync, which allows users to access their email through a mobile device.

Customizable interface: “Bat!” allows users to change the look and feel of the interface. This includes options to change toolbars, color schemes, and other visual elements.

Automated Tasks: Users can use built-in automation features to automate routine tasks like sorting and filtering emails. It helps improve efficiency and organization.


The Bat! Professional Full Preactivated The Bat! Professional Full Preactivated

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