SQL Backup Master v7.2.825 (Preactivated/Full)

SQL Backup Master v7.2.825 (Preactivated/Full)

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SQL Backup Master is a convenient utility from Key Metric Software for creating database backups. Even if you are sure about the reliability of the device or hosting, backing up is an important process. Having a backup allows you to restore a database if it crashes, is hacked, damaged, or deleted.


SQL Backup Master is a comprehensive and feature-rich software application designed to facilitate the backup and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server databases. This tool offers database administrators and IT professionals a convenient and reliable solution to protect critical data by creating and managing database backups. SQL Backup Master is a robust and versatile tool for SQL Server database backup and recovery. Its range of features, including scheduling, compression, encryption, and flexible storage options, make it a valuable asset for organizations looking to effectively protect their SQL Server data. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, SQL Backup Master can help ensure the availability and integrity of your critical database information.

SQL Backup Master is compatible with a wide range of Microsoft SQL Server versions, including SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. This broad compatibility ensures that users can back up databases across different SQL Server environments. SQL Backup Master is a versatile and reliable tool for database backup and recovery, offering a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of small businesses and large enterprises. Its ease of use, automation capabilities, and compatibility with various SQL Server versions make it an invaluable asset to database administrators and IT professionals tasked with data protection and disaster recovery.


SQL Backup Master is a specialized software application designed to streamline and enhance the process of backing up Microsoft SQL Server databases. It provides a wide range of features and functions that enable database administrators and IT professionals to efficiently protect and manage their SQL Server data. SQL Backup Master is primarily used to create and manage backups of SQL Server databases. Its primary goal is to ensure the availability and integrity of critical data by providing robust backup and recovery capabilities.

SQL Backup Master is compatible with various Microsoft SQL Server versions including SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, and Azure SQL Database. This broad compatibility ensures that users can use the software in a variety of SQL Server environments. SQL Backup Master is a powerful and versatile tool that plays an important role in the protection and maintenance of Microsoft SQL Server databases. It offers comprehensive features to ensure data availability, integrity, and security while simplifying backup operations for database administrators and IT professionals.


Database Backup: SQL Backup Master allows you to easily back up your SQL Server databases, including full, differential, and transaction log backups.

Automatic backup: The software should support scheduling automatic backups at specific intervals such as daily, weekly, or custom schedules.

Compression: Compression of backup files to reduce storage space and improve backup and restore performance.

Encryption: Ensure data security by offering options to encrypt backup files to protect sensitive information.

Retention Policies: Define retention policies to manage how long backup files are retained before being automatically deleted.

Notification Alerts: Send email notifications or alerts when backups succeed, fail, or encounter errors.

Multi-Server Support: If you are managing multiple SQL Server instances, the software should support backing up databases from multiple servers.

Point-in-time recovery: Enable point-in-time recovery by allowing you to restore databases to a specific point in time using transaction log backups.

Cloud Integration: Some SQL Backup Master tools can offer integration with cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Storage to store backup files.

Monitoring and Reporting: Provide monitoring capabilities to track the status of backups and generate reports for auditing and compliance purposes.

Intuitive User Interface: Offer a user-friendly interface that simplifies the backup and restore process.

Log Management: Manage and archive SQL Server transaction logs as part of a backup strategy.

Backup Verification: Perform integrity checks to ensure backup files can be restored successfully.

Database maintenance functions: In addition to backup, some tools can offer database maintenance functions such as index optimization and database consistency checks.

Scripting Support: Allow advanced users to automate tasks and customize backup and restore operations using scripts or PowerShell.

Version Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with different versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

High Availability Integration: Support integration with SQL Server’s high availability and disaster recovery solutions is always on availability groups and failover clustering.

Restore Options: Provide various restore options such as restoring to a different server, renaming databases, and specifying file locations.

Backup History and Log: Maintain a detailed history and log of backup operations for auditing and troubleshooting purposes.

Cost management: Some tools may offer cost optimization features for cloud storage usage, helping users effectively manage their backup storage costs.

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