Smart Game Booster Pro v5.3.0.670 (Preactivated/Full)

Smart Game Booster Pro v5.3.0.670 (Preactivated/Full)

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Smart Game Booster Pro is a game optimization tool that helps you improve your PC’s performance while playing games. It aims to optimize your PC settings and processes for a more enjoyable gaming experience. It helps you increase your FPS, overclock your GPU, monitor CPU and GPU temperature, and launch your games instantly.


Smart Game Booster Pro is a game optimization tool designed to improve your PC’s performance while playing games. Designed to enhance your gaming experience, this software focuses on optimizing various aspects of your PC settings and processes. By fine-tuning these elements, it’s designed to provide smoother and more enjoyable gameplay.

This tool is equipped with features that allow users to increase the frame rate per second (FPS), overclock the graphics processing unit (GPU), and closely monitor the CPU and GPU temperature. This versatile approach keeps the system at peak performance and avoids lags and slowdowns that can hamper gameplay.

In addition, Smart Game Booster Pro allows you to start games faster, reduce waiting time, and increase playing time. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, Smart Game Booster Pro strives to comprehensively optimize your gaming environment, offering an easy and intuitive platform for your favorite games.


Smart Game Booster Pro is a comprehensive game optimization tool designed to enhance your PC gaming experience by improving system performance. This software goes beyond the usual optimization and offers a wide range of features aimed at improving your gaming experience. The main goal is to optimize the settings and processes of the PC and make the game more pleasant.

Smart Game Booster Pro includes tools to increase frames per second (FPS), overclock graphics processing unit (GPU), monitor CPU and GPU temperature, and speed up game launch. By fine-tuning these elements, the software aims to prevent lags, lags, and interruptions during gameplay. It caters to both casual and dedicated gamers and provides a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive approach to system optimization. Users can expect a responsive and optimized gaming platform that maximizes gaming time, reduces technical lag, and creates an optimal gaming environment.

Smart Game Booster uses advanced overclocking technology to explore the potential performance of your graphics card. It provides a one-click solution to significantly improve PC performance by overclocking most Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Many test results show that the older your graphics card is, the better it will perform after overclocking the hardware.

Furthermore, with this program, you can quickly and easily perform disk defragmentation to increase the speed of your computer. It runs Analysis, Smart Defrag, Fast Defrag, and Deep Defrag to solve slow PC response issues. It helps extend the life of the disk and improve the performance of the hard disk.

With this useful application, you can easily record gameplay videos. It supports capturing and recording gameplay with easy-to-use buttons. You can set your hotkey to start game recording or press the Ctrl, Alt, and V keys during gameplay to record great game moments whenever you want. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


FPS Boost: This feature is designed to unlock the full potential of your CPU and GPU and increase the FPS (frames per second) of your games. This will help reduce screen tearing and system lag.

PC Optimization: This feature can optimize your PC performance and prevent it from crashing frequently. It can clean up your computer, free up disk space, tune your computer for faster response times, update outdated graphics and audio device drivers, and defrag games for faster game startup and loading.

Analyze compatible games for PC: This feature can analyze your PC, find compatible games and evaluate your PC. This will help you make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the game properly.

Account Protection: This feature helps protect your game account from unauthorized access.

Game Recording: This feature allows you to record gameplay and save it as a video file. You can change recording settings such as video quality, resolution, and frame rate.

Capture Gameplay: This feature allows you to take screenshots of your gameplay. You can change the image capture settings such as image format, quality, buttons, etc.

Game Save Backup: This feature allows you to back up your game saves to the cloud or an external drive. If you lost it due to a system crash or other problem, you can restore your game save.

Game Defragment: This feature can defragment your game files to improve game performance and reduce loading times.


Smart Game Booster Pro Full Preactivated

Smart Game Booster Pro Full Preactivated

Smart Game Booster Pro Full Preactivated

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