Skype v8.117.0.202 (Preactivated/Full)

Skype v8.117.0.202 (Preactivated/Full)

Do you have a Windows operating system and are you looking for a Skype download link? You’re in the right place.

In this post, you can find the Skype download link and you can download it at high speed because we are providing a Skype direct download link with a high-speed server.

Skype is a communications software that provides video chat and voice calling services. It allows users to make voice and video calls, send instant messages, share files, and make conference calls. It supports both individual communication and group conversations.


Skype is the world’s leading VoIP calling service. The free app allows you to communicate with other users using text chats, voice, and/or video chats. The tool uses peer-to-peer technology based on the popular file-sharing service, Kazaa, to provide a strong and reliable calling system, allowing you to talk to your friends with the same reliability and sound quality you would expect on the phone. . the phone. It uses VoIP technology to make calls between users and calls from its users to regular phones, both mobile and landline, all in a simple and fast way that does not require you to set up or configure anything. Its makers confirm that it offers much better audio quality than a regular phone.

It is completely free and comes without any ads; you will hear a normal call tone, it will tell you if the person you are calling is talking on Skype at the time, and you can take and end all the calls you want. Furthermore, it includes Facebook integration and the option to make a group video call with up to 10 users at the same time using their webcam; not to mention that it includes the Windows Live Messenger message after it was bought by Microsoft. Since it is a multiplatform application, you can make calls between devices, be it your desktop or smartphone. Skye is, indeed, one of the leading digital VoIP phone services in the world.


Although there are other VOIP options on the market, it has remained the most popular. Skype’s most important advantage is that its large user network makes it easy for those you will meet to already have a verified account. Businesses and private users have a way to communicate instantly with friends and customers around the world without signing up for any service they don’t normally do. Because It is mobile (on phones, tablets, and PCs) and with the ability to make Skype-to-phone calls (including landlines) and send messages to all mobile phones, it is an all-in-one communication technology. many of us already use it and probably will continue to use it in the future.

Because it has been around for almost two decades, Skype can be called the grandfather of video conferencing. Its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and overall ease of use, still make it one of the top choices for video calling and messaging in the world. In fact, in the last few years, many competitors have been able to win over the business space in video conferencing. However, note that this tool has millions of users and, since it comes with some of the latest Windows operating systems, it is right there at your fingertips.

An important addition is Meet Now, a feature that enables you to join a video conference without actually having an account. You will receive a call link that you can share with others and it is refreshing to have the opportunity to conduct an online meeting without downloading and creating an account. While it packs a lot of goodies, the tool falls short in a few areas, some of the most important including the premium feature available. If you decide to get yourself a Skype number, for example, you do not have a direct link on the official website and will have to rely on the one provided within the app.

At the same time, support is only online and it can be annoying to wait for someone to check your message if you have problems with the Premium feature. Perhaps this is the reason why there are rumors that It is discontinuing business products. Because it is generally free, especially if you use it for personal reasons to communicate with family and friends, Skype remains the top choice for users around the world. On the other hand, if you are planning to try some Premium features, then that can be confusing, as the prices vary from country to country and honestly, it seems unclear. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Video Calling: Skype is famous for its video calling feature, which allows users to have face-to-face conversations over the Internet. This is a feature commonly used in personal and professional relationships.

Voice Calls: In addition to video calls, Skype allows you to make free voice calls with other Skype users. Users can also make calls to paid landlines and mobile phones.

Instant Messaging: It provides an instant messaging (chat) feature that allows users to send messages to their contacts. It can be used for one-on-one conversations or group chats.

File sharing: Users can send and receive files through Skype, and share documents, photos, and other files during conversations.

Screen Sharing: Skype allows users to share their screen with others during a call. This is useful for collaboration, technical support or sharing presentations.

Group Calls: Skype supports group calls so multiple users can participate in a single call. It is useful for virtual meetings, family gatherings or group discussions.

Contacts and Status: Users can create a contact list on Skype and view the online/offline status of their contacts. This makes it easy to see if you can connect with someone.

Skype Numbers: Users can purchase Skype numbers, which allow people to call local phone numbers that are forwarded to the user’s Skype account. This is especially useful for people who want to receive calls from landlines and mobile phones.

Video Messaging: It allows users to send video messages to their contacts. Video messages can be recorded and sent even if the recipient is not online at the time.

Skype Translator: It offers a translator feature that translates conversations in real-time, allowing users who speak other languages to communicate more easily.


Skype Preactivated

Skype Preactivated

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