Screenpresso Pro v2.1.24 (Preactivated/Full)

Screenpresso Pro v2.1.24 (Preactivated/Full)

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Screenpresso Pro is a screenshot tool for Windows that allows you to take snapshots of a single window or a specific area of the screen. It may even take up the scrollable part of the window. It includes a batch editor, user guide generator, and sharing features that let you highlight different areas of your desktop and edit photos after you take them.


Screenpresso Pro stands out as a powerful screenshot tool designed specifically for Windows users, offering the ability to capture individual windows or specific areas of the screen with incredible resolution. It goes beyond conventional static capture by smoothly processing content scrolling in a window and rendering dynamic web pages or long documents comprehensively. The software includes many features designed to optimize the post-processing workflow. The batch editor makes it easy and efficient to process multiple screenshots, allowing users to make changes and enhancements to different images one by one.

In addition, Screenpresso Pro includes a user guide generator for creating instructions and documents directly from captured content. The sharing feature allows users to highlight and annotate different parts of a desktop snapshot, another feature that encourages clear communication and collaboration. With a comprehensive set of tools, Screenpresso Pro not only perfectly captures the essence of the moment on screen, but also provides users with versatile editing and sharing capabilities that enhance the entire screenshot.


Screenpresso Pro is a full-featured screenshot and screen recording tool for Windows that offers users a complete solution to capture, edit, and share screen content. With an intuitive interface, the software allows users to take snapshots of individual windows, specific areas of the screen, and even scrolling content within windows, providing detailed visualization of dynamic web pages or long documents. What sets Screenpresso Pro apart from the rest is its extensive post-processing capabilities. The batch editor simplifies the process of editing multiple screenshots at once and provides users with powerful tools to enhance different images one by one. This is especially useful for those who need to efficiently process and enhance a large number of frames.

One of the standout features of Screenpresso Pro is the user guide generator, which allows users to create tutorials and documents directly from captured content. This feature makes it easier to create tutorials, guides, or other educational resources and improves professional and educational use of the software. The inclusion of this user guide generator makes Screenpresso Pro not just a capture tool, but a valuable resource for content creators and educators.

Additionally, Screenpresso Pro excels at facilitating collaboration and communication with powerful sharing features. Users can highlight and annotate different parts of their desktops, facilitating specific communication and collaboration between team members or stakeholders. This collaboration aspect enhances the software’s suitability for project management, project collaboration, and other teamwork scenarios. it offers a comprehensive package for users who require a powerful and versatile screen capture solution on the Windows platform. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Multiple capture options: Capture windows or the entire screen. Keep scrolling content in the window, allowing you to fully view dynamic web pages or long documents.

Advanced editing tools: Batch editor allows you to efficiently process multiple screenshots and perform consistent editing on multiple images.

Create User Guides: A user guide generator that allows users to create training materials or documents directly from built content.

Screen Recorder: Capture high-quality screen videos with editing options. Record webcam video for picture-in-picture presentations.

Annotate and highlight: Annotate and highlight different parts of your desktop snapshots to improve communication and collaboration.

Share and export: Share images directly on other platforms or export them to other formats. Integrate with cloud services for convenient storage and sharing.

Time-saving features: Auto-scroll feature for enhanced content. Quick access to recent photos to simplify searching.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Define your keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy screen capture.

Quality settings: Control the quality of screenshots and recorded videos.

Multi-Language Support: Supports multiple languages to serve a diverse user base.

Organizational tools: Organize your photos efficiently with features like folders, tags, and more.


Screenpresso Pro Full Preactivated

Screenpresso Pro Full Preactivated

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