R-Studio v9.4.191303 (Preactivated/Full)

R-Studio v9.4.191303 (Preactivated/Full)

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The R-STUDIO package is intended for data recovery businesses or individuals. It provides the first data recovery tool to solve any task they may encounter. In addition to powerful data recovery, it includes many data previews that help you predict the recovery path of data, improve RAID configuration with a custom RAID configuration, the standard for data recovery in the network, and a professional text/hexadecimal editor. -all in one integrated application.


The R-STUDIO suite is a complete solution for data recovery professionals and individuals looking for powerful tools to solve a variety of data recovery challenges. Designed specifically for data recovery businesses, this suite is a versatile resource that offers the industry’s first unified data recovery tool capable of performing a wide range of tasks. In addition to powerful data recovery capabilities, R-STUDIO includes a variety of features to enhance the recovery process. The inclusion of a data preview is invaluable, giving users an idea of the possible paths to recovery for their data.

Furthermore, the package allows users to configure RAID configurations, establish data recovery standards in networked environments, and optimize RAID configurations. An integral part of R-STUDIO’s offering is its professional text/16-bit editor, which allows users to perform advanced editing of complex data processing. The beauty of R-STUDIO lies in its comprehensive software that integrates these diverse features into a single, user-friendly platform. Whether you are an individual looking for a powerful data recovery tool or a professional in your field, R-STUDIO is a comprehensive and effective solution for a wide range of data recovery needs.


R-Studio is a versatile platform for programming enthusiasts and data recovery professionals. As an integrated development environment (IDE) for the R programming language, R-Studio offers a comprehensive set of statistical computing and data analysis tools. It comes in two primary formats: RStudio Desktop, a traditional desktop application, and RStudio Server, a remote server-based solution accessible through a web browser.

RStudio Desktop provides a local environment for users to seamlessly write, test, and debug R code. This typical IDE is ideal for individual users and offers features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and a workspace management system. RStudio Server, on the other hand, uses a collaborative approach and allows users to access the IDE remotely. This feature is useful for teams and professionals who need to collaborate on R programming projects, as it allows easy access from different locations.

R-Studio plays a different role in data recovery. Designed for data recovery businesses and individuals, the R-STUDIO suite is a comprehensive solution to a wide range of data recovery challenges. This suite is unique in that it offers the industry’s first comprehensive data recovery tool capable of handling a wide range of tasks. In addition to powerful data recovery capabilities, it includes features such as recovery path prediction, RAID configuration configuration, and data preview with a professional text/hex editor. The integrated nature of the suite combines powerful tools into a single application, ensuring a user-friendly and seamless experience.

Whether you are an R programming enthusiast looking for an efficient IDE or a data recovery professional looking for a reliable solution, R-Studio will meet your needs. Its evolution under the corporate umbrella of Posit PBC, formerly known as RStudio PBC and RStudio Inc., represents a commitment to continuous improvement. It is a reliable and versatile resource for a wide range of programming, statistics, and data mining users, witnessing the constant evolution of tools that support the R programming language. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Versatile File System Support: R-STUDIO supports NTFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS+, and many other file systems, so it is compatible with a variety of storage devices.

Powerful Data Recovery: Recovers lost or deleted files, folders, partitions and formatted drives, providing a comprehensive data recovery solution.

Data Preview: Offers data preview to help users preview and evaluate recoverable files and help them make decisions during the recovery process.

RAID Configuration Tuning: Allows users to fine-tune RAID configuration, an important function for data recovery from RAID arrays.

Professional Text/Hexadecimal Editor: Includes a professional text and hexadecimal editor for advanced data processing and searching.

All-in-One Integrated Program: R-STUDIO’s integrated functionality integrates multiple data recovery tools into one program for seamless user experience.



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