Process Lasso v14.0.1.10 (Preactivated/Full)

Process Lasso v14.0.1.10 (Preactivated/Full)

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Process Lasso Windows by default, helps to solve the problem when programs are allowed to load the central processor, which leads to the system fully freezing and inconvenience accordingly. The utility carefully reprioritizes running programs so that processes that previously loaded the entire CPU no longer affect system response.


Process Lasso is a powerful and innovative Windows utility software designed to improve your computer’s overall performance and responsiveness by managing and optimizing the allocation of CPU resources to running processes. Developed by Bitsum LLC, Process Lasso is a popular choice among users who want to increase system stability, reduce system slowdowns, and gain more control over their computer’s CPU usage.

Process Lasso is a versatile and robust system optimization tool for Windows users. It addresses common performance issues such as CPU resource management, process prioritization, and system responsiveness, providing users with ways to optimize their computer’s performance. Whether you’re a power user looking for more control over your system or a casual user looking to improve your computer’s responsiveness, Process Lasso is an invaluable utility that can help you achieve a smoother and more efficient computing experience.


Process Lasso is a comprehensive and advanced Windows system optimization software designed to increase your computer’s overall performance, responsiveness, and stability. Developed by Bitsum LLC, Process Lasso has gained popularity among users to optimize their system’s resource management and prioritize critical processes. This overview provides an in-depth look at the key features and functionality of the software

Process Lasso is a versatile and robust system optimization tool for Windows users. It solves common performance challenges by efficiently managing CPU resources, managing system response to users, and prioritizing critical processes. Whether you’re a power user seeking more control, a gamer looking for smoother gameplay, or looking to boost general system performance.

Process Lasso offers tools and features to help you achieve your goals and enjoy a more efficient computing experience. Its combination of intelligent resource management, automation, and user-friendly design makes it a valuable addition to any Windows computer. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Probalance Algorithm: The Probalance algorithm dynamically adjusts the priority of running processes in real-time to prevent any one process from monopolizing CPU resources. This ensures that essential system processes and front-end applications get the necessary resources for optimal performance.

Process Priority Control: Users can manually set the CPU priority of individual processes. This feature allows users to allocate more CPU power to critical applications or limit resource usage to less important processes.

Automatic process optimization: You can work in the background, automatically managing process priorities based on user-defined profiles or the ProBalance algorithm. This automation eliminates the need for constant user intervention.

Energy Saver: Process Lasso Designed with laptops and mobile devices in mind, Process Lasso includes power management features that optimize CPU usage to reduce power consumption, and extend battery life.

Process Watchdog:  The Watchdog feature can automatically restart or terminate unresponsive applications, preventing system hangs or crashes caused by problem software.

Gaming Mode: Gamers can benefit from the built-in Gaming Mode, which prioritizes CPU resources for games and resource-intensive applications, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Comprehensive process statistics: provides detailed statistics and logs, allowing users to monitor CPU usage, process behavior, and system response over time. This information is valuable for diagnosing performance problems and optimizing system settings.

User-friendly interface:  The software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of managing and optimizing system performance. Users of all experience levels can easily navigate and utilize its features.

Compatibility: This is compatible with various Windows versions including Windows 10 and Windows 11 and works seamlessly on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Extensive documentation and support: Process Lasso Users have access to comprehensive online documentation and an active user forum, making it easy to find answers to questions and get help with troubleshooting or configuration issues.

Customizable Rules: Users can define custom rules for specific processes, enabling advanced control over CPU affinity, priority, and other settings.

Dynamic Graphs: The software offers dynamic graphs that visually represent CPU and memory usage, helping users visualize resource usage trends.

Silent Installation: Process Lasso supports silent installation options, which is convenient for system administrators and IT professionals to deploy the software on multiple computers.

Portable version: A portable version of Process Lasso is available, which allows users to run the software from a USB drive or other removable media without the need for installation.

Compatibility with server versions: Process Lasso is compatible with Windows Server versions, making it ideal for optimizing system resources and performance in server environments where stability and efficiency are critical.

Advanced Tweaks: Advanced users can take advantage of various tweaks and settings to further customize the software’s behavior and resource management.


Process Lasso Preactivated

Process Lasso Preactivated

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