PrivaZer v4.0.84 (Preactivated/Full)

PrivaZer v4.0.84 (Preactivated/Full)

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PrivaZer is a free computer cleaning and privacy protection tool that cleans and removes unwanted traces of previous activities on your computer at home or at work. It lets you deep clean unwanted traces of what you’ve done, viewed, downloaded, deleted, and more.


PrivaZer is a highly effective and convenient PC cleaning and privacy protection tool that provides the services you need for your home or office. This free tool is designed to thoroughly clean and remove unwanted traces of past activities on your computer, keeping your system safe and secure. PrivaZer goes beyond conventional cleaning tools, allowing users to deep clean traces of everything from browsing history and downloaded files to deleted items and other activities. With features like Smart Space Cleanup, the software optimizes storage space by intelligently deleting unnecessary files.

Its smart overwrite function overwrites deleted data and improves privacy protection. PrivaZer cleans visible traces and allows users to visually see and organize the remaining traces of old files in the free space, providing comprehensive cleaning. This tool simplifies the zero-filling process and provides an additional layer of data security. At its core, PrivaZer is a comprehensive solution that offers a comprehensive approach to privacy and system optimization, allowing users to control their digital footprint by completely and securely erasing files and traces left behind by various computer activities.


PrivaZer is a powerful PC cleaning and privacy protection tool that offers an essential solution for users who want to maintain the security and performance of their systems at home and in professional environments. The free program PrivaZer is distinguished by its ability to systematically clean and remove unwanted traces of previous actions on the computer. It goes beyond traditional cleaning tools by offering a deep cleaning process and carefully managing a wide range of user activities such as browsing history, downloading, and deleting. This comprehensive approach allows us to eliminate digital footprints and ensure user privacy completely.

One of the great features of PrivaZer is the Smart Space Cleaner, which optimizes your storage space by intelligently detecting and removing unnecessary files. The software has a smart overwrite function that allows you to overwrite deleted data to improve privacy protection. It not only focuses on visible traces but also allows users to visualize and manage the remaining traces of old files in free space. This feature allows you to perform a comprehensive cleanup, not only discarding existing data but also helping to create a more reliable and organized system from the remaining free space.

The functionality of this tool provides an additional level of data security by zeroing out the space. PrivaZer ensures system optimization and reliability, offering users the ability to completely remove files and traces left by various actions on the computer. The user-friendly interface and customizable cleaning options make it accessible to a wide range of users, from the average home user to professionals. Whether it’s showing traces, secure overwriting, or smart space cleaning, PrivaZer offers a comprehensive approach to privacy and system optimization, making it an essential tool for those who value a clean and secure computing environment. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Deep cleaning: PrivaZer goes beyond surface cleaning by performing a deep and thorough scan to remove traces of various activities such as browsing history, downloads, deletions, etc.

Smart space cleanup: The software intelligently detects and deletes unnecessary files, helping to optimize storage space and improve system performance.

Smart Overwrite: It is equipped with a smart overwrite feature to securely overwrite deleted data. It adds an extra layer of privacy protection to prevent the recovery of deleted files.

Privacy Protection: With a strong focus on user privacy, It is designed to eliminate traces of digital activity and helps users maintain a high level of privacy online and offline.

Trace Visualization: Users can visualize the remaining traces of old files in the free space, which not only removes visible traces but also allows comprehensive cleaning.

Zero Free Space: It allows users to zero free space, increasing data security by completely erasing the remnants of deleted files.

Delete files completely: The software allows users to completely delete files, which supports a safe system optimization process and reduces the risk of data recovery.

Custom Cleaning: Users have the flexibility to customize the cleaning process by selecting specific areas or data types they want to use based on their preferences and needs.

User-Friendly Interface: It has an easy-to-use interface, from the average home user to professional users.

Automatic updates: Software can offer automatic updates to meet the latest privacy and security standards.

File Shredder: Some versions of PrivaZer include a file shredder that allows users to delete certain files, further enhancing privacy and security permanently.


PrivaZer Full Preactivated

PrivaZer Full Preactivated

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