Privacy Eraser Pro v6.5.4.4886 (Preactivated/Full)

Privacy Eraser Pro v6.5.4.4886 (Preactivated/Full)

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Privacy Eraser Pro is a software designed to help users protect their privacy. It offers a variety of tools and features to remove traces of online and offline activities, including browsing history, cookies, and temporary files. It helps users maintain their privacy and prevent unauthorized access to their personal information.


Privacy Eraser Pro is a comprehensive software solution designed to empower users to protect their privacy. It provides reliable protection against prying eyes for online and offline activities with a variety of tools and features. It effectively deletes browsing history, cookies, and temporary files, ensuring users don’t leave behind any digital breadcrumbs that compromise their privacy.

This proactive approach not only helps maintain the privacy of personal data but also acts as a barrier against unauthorized access. At its core, Privacy Eraser Pro acts as a vigilant guardian, diligently erasing digital traces to strengthen users’ privacy in an ever-evolving digital interaction environment.


Privacy Eraser Pro is a versatile software application designed to provide users with powerful tools and features to improve their privacy and security in the digital environment. Its main objective is to eliminate traces of online and offline activities and offer users peace of mind in maintaining the privacy of their personal information. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, Privacy Eraser Pro is designed for both novice and experienced users looking to protect their digital footprint.

At the heart of Privacy Eraser Pro is the ability to delete various types of sensitive information, including browsing history, cookies, cache files, and temporary files created while surfing the Internet. By removing these digital traces, users can prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their browsing habits, thereby improving their online privacy. In addition, the software allows users to securely delete files and folders and uses advanced shredding techniques to ensure that deleted data cannot be recovered by malicious actors or data recovery tools.

Privacy Eraser Pro offers comprehensive cookie management features that allow users to selectively delete or whitelist cookies based on their preferences. This feature not only improves privacy by preventing tracking by advertisers and third parties but also allows users to customize their browsing experience according to their privacy settings. In addition, the software includes a junk file cleaner that scans and removes unnecessary files from the system, optimizes disk space and improves overall system performance.

One notable aspect of Privacy Eraser Pro is its versatility and compatibility with various platforms and applications. It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other popular web browsers and covers a wide range of browsing environments. Furthermore, the software offers scheduled cleaning tasks and allows users to automate the privacy protection process without manual intervention.

Overall, Privacy Eraser Pro offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and organizations looking to improve privacy and security in the digital age. A powerful set of features, an intuitive interface, and broad compatibility allow users to control their digital footprint and protect their confidential data from unauthorized access and use. Whether used for privacy protection or corporate security measures, Privacy Eraser Pro is a reliable ally in the fight for digital privacy and security. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Delete browser history: It deletes browsing history from Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other popular web browsers and prevents others from seeing the websites you visit.

File Shredder: This feature securely deletes files and folders by overwriting them multiple times to make them unrecoverable with data recovery tools.

Cookie Management: Privacy Eraser Pro allows users to manage and delete cookies stored by their web browsers, which helps prevent tracking by advertisers and other third parties.

Junk File Cleaner: It can scan and remove unnecessary files and temporary data from your computer, free up disk space, and improve system performance.

Scheduled cleaning: Users can schedule automatic cleaning tasks to run at specific times, thus maintaining privacy regularly without manual intervention.

Scheduled cleaning jobs: The software allows users to schedule automatic cleaning jobs at specific times, thereby preserving privacy without manual intervention. This feature enables ongoing and proactive maintenance of digital privacy.

Customization Options: Privacy Eraser Pro allows users to customize the software to suit their privacy preferences. Users can customize the software to meet their specific privacy and security needs, from cookie management settings to shredding methods.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, Privacy Eraser Pro is designed for both novice and experienced users. Straightforward navigation and comprehensive features make it accessible to a wide range of users who want to protect their privacy and security online.


Privacy Eraser Pro Full Preactivated

Privacy Eraser Pro Full Preactivated

Privacy Eraser Pro Full Preactivated

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