PhotoBoost v1.0.49 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

PhotoBoost v1.0.49 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Android Android 9.0 and upPhotography
Price: $0
App Name PhotoBoost
Publisher Tap AI
Version 1.0.49 Build 53
OS Required 9.0 and up
Genre Photography
Size 26.53 MB
Release Date Sep 08, 2023
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
PhotoBoost is the most famous version in the PhotoBoost series of publisher Tap AI
Mod Version 1.0.49 Build 53

If you’ve always been captivated by Mod APK, then here for your latest PhotoBoost Mod APK for free download. PhotoBoost Mod APK is a popular app developed by Tap AI Apps on the Google Play Store. It has been downloaded on the Google Play Store for more than 500K+.

Installing from the Google Play Store most of the apps and game’s Premium features are limited and you have to pay to use all these Premium features.

But what if Premium features can be used for free without spending money? Yes heard right, we are giving full Premium features for free access. For this, you need to download PhotoBoost Mod APK from our website and use it. You will get all the Premium features for free from this Mod APK.

PhotoBoost will be a valuable tool for those with unique photo editing tasks. If you are looking for an app that provides photo editing, enhancement, and recovery features, this is the app for you. Old black-and-white photos or photos that have faded over time, you can quickly change them with this program.


Mod APKs are reworked copies of the original mobile apps that were distributed with them. Mod APKs are made to provide users access to new or improved features that aren’t present in the original version of the app.

PhotoBoost Mod APK is a modified version of PhotoBoost original APK and unlocked all paid or Premium features. Using this mod APK no need to pay for paid features, without pay you can use all Premium or paid features.

Mod APK is a modified version of an APK file. They are usually created by developers to provide extra features or unlocked levels in a game. However, some malicious developers can create modded APKs that contain malware or adware but creates modded APKs totally contain malware or adware free. So, don’t worry about it.



Most people get very disappointed when they download their online photos from the Internet to their mobile phones because they often fade and do not retain the original quality. Or when you take a really good photo, the image quality is poor, or even digital noise appears. Don’t worry because PhotoBoost will be your savior and make your photos brighter. All you have to do is select the photo you want and the app will use AI technology to improve the quality of the image resolution.

PhotoBoost Mod APK


An interesting feature that will surely appeal to many users, especially those who love beauty, is the beauty feature. You want to share your selfies on social media, but they still aren’t as perfect as you imagined. Just a few clicks on this feature and your photos will be greatly improved. The app automatically highlights makeup, highlights small parts of the face, and makes your photos look more harmonious.

PhotoBoost Mod APK


With the excellent integration of this technology, users can take full advantage of the amazing photo editing features. The app allows users to use the built-in HDR feature to brighten up photos after editing. Additionally, using this feature will greatly reduce the fog and smoke noise in your photos.

PhotoBoost Mod APK


Photos taken a long time ago are often old and of poor quality, but you want to keep them as a keepsake, so PhotoBoost can help you with this. With just one note on photo restoration and editing, you can turn your old photos into brighter ones. Image colors are more vibrant and photo details are clearer and more lifelike than before.


By choosing PhotoBoost Mod APK, you open the door to many additional benefits beyond the initial installation. Notably, download file sizes have been streamlined, resulting in significantly reduced download times. This optimization translates into greater conservation of both mobile data and storage capacity on your device, a favorable outcome of selecting this option.

With this in mind, you are encouraged to adopt this version as your final choice for download. By doing so, you will quickly realize that the benefits extend beyond the basic features of the original download. Don’t hesitate anymore; Grab the opportunity to get PhotoBoost Premium APK and enjoy its advanced features now.


We consistently offer a selection of top-tier applications and games, such as PhotoBoost, which have been meticulously customized to enhance user experience. These apps are guaranteed to be devoid of viruses and are held to the highest standard of trustworthiness. Our aim is to enable users to derive the utmost advantage from utilizing our adapted apps and games.

We acknowledge that there exists a significant demographic of users who find it challenging to access the advanced features of Premium apps and games through the official app stores. In response to this, we provide these tailored applications, striving to make them readily available. However, we wish to emphasize that while we offer these modified options, we do not advocate their usage. It is our firm belief that those who are able to financially support app developers should continue to do so by purchasing and utilizing the original applications.


Q1. Is Using PhotoBoost Mod APK Safe for My Android Smartphone?

Yes, of course. You can safely use this application and enjoy all the Premium or paid features for free. This app is released under the guidance of and is thoroughly tested by before it is delivered to you.

Q2. Can I Use This Mod APK without Any Payment?

This application is completely free to use without any payments. We are always sharing with you free Mod APK.

Q3. Can I Use This Mod APK for iOS or iPhone?

Sorry, you cannot use the Mod APK for iOS or iPhone. The .apk file is only used on Android devices, Android TV, Fire TV, or on PC via an Android Emulator.

Q4. PhotoBoost Mod APK is Crashing on My Device.

Sorry for this! some devices are not compatible with this Mod APK. If you need more help contact us via email or contact us on Telegram.





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