Permissions Reporter v4.1.535.0 (Preactivated/Full)

Permissions Reporter v4.1.535.0 (Preactivated/Full)

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Permissions Reporter is a Windows NTFS reporting software that helps system administrators check user permissions for specific files and folders. It is a visual, interactive tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently implement best practices and ensure the security posture of your entire file system.


Permissions Reporter is a powerful Windows NTFS reporting software designed to make it easy to thoroughly check user permissions for specific files and folders. Designed specifically for system administrators, this visual and interactive tool enables users to quickly implement best practices, thereby increasing the security of all file systems. The software has a wide range of features, including report scheduling with email forwarding functionality, directory permission analysis displayed in both trees and tables and a flexible command-line interface for integration and automation.

In addition, Permissions Reporter provides detailed reports on file ownership in the form of a hierarchical tree, providing detailed insight into access structures. High performance and scalable, this software supports common network access permissions and efficiently collects data from servers and domains. The tool’s versatility is further emphasized by support for multiple export formats, advanced filters, and many other features, making it an essential asset for administrators who require a comprehensive understanding and control of the NTFS permissions ecosystem.


Permissions Reporter is a reliable Windows NTFS reporting software designed to provide system administrators with complete information about user permissions on specific files and folders. Permission Reporter is an important tool for improving security and ensuring best practices. It provides a visual and interactive platform for efficient analysis of the entire file system. One of its features is the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of directory permissions using tree and table views. This visualization provides a clear understanding of the access structure and allows administrators to effectively identify and address potential security vulnerabilities. The software’s user-friendly interface gives administrators easy access to permission data, which is critical to maintaining file system integrity.

Permissions Reporter offers powerful reporting capabilities and a powerful scheduling system with email support. This feature allows administrators to receive real-time information about user permission changes and potential issues. The flexibility of the software extends to the command-line interface, enabling seamless integration and automation, simplifying administrative tasks and saving valuable time. A unique feature of the Permissions Reporter is a hierarchical tree view of file ownership reports. This feature gives administrators a holistic view of the ownership structure and helps them make informed access control decisions. The tool’s high performance and scalability are ideal for environments with diverse and complex accuracy requirements.

In addition, Permissions Reporter extends network coverage by supporting network access for common permissions. It consolidates data across servers and domains, giving administrators a holistic view of the permission landscape and enabling consistent enforcement of network security controls. The software goes beyond basic reporting by supporting multiple export formats and advanced filters. This versatility allows administrators to perform analysis based on specific criteria and export data in a format suitable for workflow or reporting requirements. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for system administrators who want to gain insight into NTFS permissions. It is an essential tool for maintaining file system security and integrity in a Windows environment. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Directory permission analysis: The software allows visualization of user permissions within a directory using tree and table views. This allows administrators to quickly understand access patterns and identify potential security issues.

Visual and interactive interface: With a user-friendly and interactive interface, Permissions Reporter makes it easy to manage and explore permissions data, making it accessible even to administrators who may not be NTFS permissions experts.

Report scheduling and email delivery: The tool includes robust report scheduling capabilities and allows administrators to automate reports at specific intervals. Email delivery lets administrators know about any changes or issues with user permissions.

Command line interface: For increased flexibility and automation, Permissions Reporter has a flexible command line interface. This allows administrators to integrate the tool into scripts or workflows to simplify management tasks.

File Ownership Report: The hierarchical tree view of the File Ownership Report provides a comprehensive view of the ownership structure. This feature is very important for administrators making decisions about access control and security measures.

High performance and scalability: Authorization Reporter is designed for high performance, making it ideal for environments with large and complex authorization requirements. Its extensibility enables NTFS to efficiently manage diverse and extensive permission landscapes.

Shared Permissions Network Access: With support for network access to shared permissions, Permissions Reporter improves the network experience by providing administrators with a comprehensive view of permissions across servers and domains.

Multiple export formats: The tool supports multiple export formats, allowing administrators to export authorization data in the format that best suits their workflow or reporting requirements. This flexibility improves the usability of the reports you create.

Advanced Filters: Permission Reporter includes advanced filters that allow administrators to refine their analysis based on specific criteria. This feature is useful for focusing on specific aspects of consent data.

Comprehensive understanding: Permissions Reporter is designed to provide administrators with a detailed understanding of NTFS permissions. Whether it’s visualizations, detailed reports, or flexible export options, this tool provides administrators with the information they need to make informed decisions and maintain file system security.


Permissions Reporter Full Preactivated

Permissions Reporter Full Preactivated

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