PDF-XChange Printer Standard v10.2.1.385 (Preactivated/Full)

PDF-XChange Printer Standard v10.2.1.385 (Preactivated/Full)

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PDF-XChange Printer Standard is a versatile and efficient application that acts as a virtual printer, allowing users to preview content before completing the printing process. In addition to printing capabilities, this program is also integrated with the MS Office environment and is a powerful PDF converter and document merge tool. PDF-XChange printer standard provides a complete solution for users with a wide range of features, including virtual printing, content preview, PDF conversion, and document integration in MS Office software.


PDF-XChange Printer Standard is a virtual printer application with more features than traditional printing. It allows users to preview the content before printing, which gives them a visual representation of how the document will look. Moreover, it also acts as a PDF converter and allows users to convert various file formats to PDF. This application is a document merging tool that allows users to combine multiple documents into one file.

The PDF-XChange printer standard is known for its integration with the Microsoft Office environment, making it an ideal tool for users working with Office applications. As a virtual printer, it offers an alternative way to create PDF files and manage documents directly from any application’s print menu.


PDF-XChange Printer Standard stands out as an exceptionally dynamic and fully customizable PDF application that offers comprehensive features that go well beyond the basics. This versatile tool allows users to not only create and view PDF files, but also actively edit, annotate, OCR (optical character recognition), and digitally sign PDF files.

The reliability of this program is evident in its ability to adapt to different file types such as scanned documents, images, text files or Markdown files. It converts them into professional-quality PDFs. PDF-Tools, a component of the PDF-XChange suite, boasts leadership in the creation and management of PDF and image files. Thanks to the user-friendly design of the software, users can convert almost any file format to PDF.

With an impressive set of sixty-six built-in tools and features, PDF-Tools offers unprecedented flexibility. Users can clone and modify these tools and their variables to suit specific workflow requirements. Additionally, PDF-XChange PRO users can expand their OCR capabilities by selecting the optional Enhanced OCR plugin. This addition not only improves accuracy and speed over the default OCR engine, but also provides a number of additional features.

From advanced features to an intuitive interface, PDF-XChange Printer Standard redefines the PDF experience, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and individuals alike. The improved OCR plugin provides greater accuracy and efficiency for those looking for superior OCR capabilities. Additional information is available for interested users to further explore the capabilities of this plugin. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Virtual Printer Feature: The PDF-XChange printer standard acts as a virtual printer, allowing users to create PDFs from any printable document or file. This function is usually available through the standard print menu of various programs.

Preview content: One of the interesting features is the ability to preview the content before completing the printing process. This visual preview allows the user to see what the PDF document will look like, which helps avoid formatting issues.

PDF Conversion: The software acts as a PDF converter and allows users to convert various file formats (such as Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets) into PDF files. This is useful for creating a standardized and widely compatible document format.

A tool for merging documents: The PDF-XChange printer standard includes a document merge tool that allows users to combine multiple documents into a single PDF file. This feature simplifies document management and is especially useful for creating reports, presentations, and other collections.

Integration with MS Office: The program easily integrates with the Microsoft Office environment. This integration improves the user experience and makes it ideal for those who frequently work with Microsoft Office applications.

User-friendly interface: Overall, PDF-XChange Printer Standard provides a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users with varying levels of technical knowledge.


PDF-XChange Printer Standard Preactivated

PDF-XChange Printer Standard Preactivated

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