PDF-XChange Editor Plus v10.2.1.385 (Preactivated/Full)

PDF-XChange Editor Plus v10.2.1.385 (Preactivated/Full)

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PDF-XChange Editor, a free PDF editor and viewer, combines document creation, editing, enhancement, and conversion into one dynamic program. As the successor of PDF-XChange Viewer, it inherits all the features like the reliable OCR function. This comprehensive tool simplifies PDF management by offering a comprehensive solution for a variety of document needs in a single, intuitive interface.

WHAT IS PDF-XChange Editor?

PDF-XChange Editor is a feature-rich software for creating, viewing, editing, annotating and digitally signing PDF documents. It is known for its wide range of tools designed to solve various problems related to PDF files. This editor allows users to view PDF files, edit content, add annotations, annotations, annotations, merge and split PDF documents.

It offers a variety of editing features, including text editing, object manipulation, and adding and removing content from PDF files. The software supports digital signatures and allows users to sign documents electronically. Additionally, it provides security configuration options such as password protection, permission control, and securing sensitive information. Overall, PDF-XChange Editor is a versatile tool for working with PDF files, suitable for personal and professional use due to its wide range of features.


PDF-XChange Editor stands as a fast, feature-rich PDF editing solution. Beyond the basics of creating, viewing, editing, annotating, recognizing text, and digitally signing PDFs, this software offers a robust array of capabilities. It transforms workflows uniquely, providing unparalleled customization options. It’s a versatile tool that extends its functionality beyond mere PDF manipulation, allowing the creation of PDFs from various sources, including scans, images, text files, and Microsoft Office documents.

With a comprehensive toolkit of over thirty features, the software simplifies the process of adding comments, annotations, and links, ensuring precision and simplicity in PDF editing. This results in the production of high-quality, polished final documents, streamlining tasks for anyone who frequently works with PDFs. The program’s adaptability and wide-ranging tools make it an indispensable resource, elevating the efficiency and quality of PDF-related tasks.

PDF-XChange Editor is an all-in-one free PDF viewing and editing software. It has a wide range of capabilities for working with PDF documents, including creating, editing, enhancing and converting PDF files. This software is the successor of PDF-XChange Viewer and inherits all its features, including the optical character recognition (OCR) function.

PDF-XChange Editor offers a simple and dynamic platform for managing PDF documents, making it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive features, it simplifies PDF-related tasks such as annotations, content management, and digital signatures, while allowing users to work efficiently and smoothly. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Zasvarlakh kheregsel: PDF barimt dotorkh text zasvarlakh, objectuudyg oorchlohh, zurag zasakh.

Temdeglegeeny songoltuud: PDF file temdeglegee, ontslokh zuyl, zurag, tamga nemekh heregsliig sanal bolgodog.

OCR (Optik temdegt tanih): Skannerdsan barimt bichig, zurag deerh textiyg tanj, haykh, zasvarlakh bolomzhtoy bolgodog.

PDF Usgekh: Scanner, zurag, text file, Microsoft Office barimt bichig geh mat torol buriyn eh survalzhaas PDF file Uusgeh bolomzhiyg tand olgono.

Barimt bichgiin khörvüellet: PDF filesg busad filen format ruu khörvülekh bolomzhiyg tand olgono.

Mayagt uzgekh, zasvarlahh: PDF dotor interactive Mayagt uzgekh, zasvarlahyg damzhdeg.

Digital Signature: Provides a digital signature for document authentication.

Security features: Password protection, digitization, and document security permission settings are offered.

Khuudasny management: PDF dotorkh huudsyg dakhin tsegtslekh, oruulah, ustgakh, erguuleh bolomzhiyg olgono.

Snapshot Tool: Barimt bichgiin hasgiyg huulah esvel or gazar ashiglah bolomzhiyg olgono.

Bagts bolovsruulah: Torol buriin daalgavart olon barimt bichgiyg negan zereg bolovsruulah bolomzhiyg tand olgono.


PDF-XChange Editor Plus Preactivated

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Preactivated

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