O&O SafeErase Professional v18.4.611 (Preactivated/Full)

O&O SafeErase Professional v18.4.611 (Preactivated/Full)

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O&O SafeErase Professional is a software that securely erases all traces on your computer. This is to protect your privacy so that deleted files cannot be recovered by unauthorized users. The software can delete files, folders, internet history, cookies, and other data from your computer.


O&O SafeErase Professional is an advanced software solution carefully designed to protect your digital privacy by thoroughly erasing all traces on your computer. Its main goal is to make files impossible to recover by unauthorized users by implementing robust and secure post-deletion algorithms.

This software extends protection beyond just files and folders, offering a complete set of tools to eliminate digital vulnerabilities. By seamlessly deleting Internet history, cookies, and various other forms of data, it completely protects against potential privacy violations.

This level of thorough data removal not only improves security but also reduces the risk of data recovery attempts using complex overwrite techniques. O&O SafeErase Professional acts as a vigilant guardian of your digital environment, committed to protecting user privacy and preventing unauthorized access to remote data. Essentially, it’s an all-in-one tool designed to keep your digital interactions private even after files are deleted.


O&O SafeErase Professional is a reliable and versatile software solution designed to meet the critical need for secure data erasure, thereby protecting user privacy and preventing unauthorized access to confidential information. Basically, the program erases all traces of data on the computer and makes deleted files and folders impossible for malicious actors to recover.

This software focuses on implementing advanced secure deletion algorithms that go beyond standard file recovery tools, providing users with reliable protection against data loss. One of the outstanding features of O&O SafeErase Professional is its ability to extend protection beyond simple files and folders. The software solves the privacy problem comprehensively by erasing internet history, cookies, and various other digital traces. This feature is invaluable in an era of increased online activity where sensitive information is being spread across various aspects of digital life.

Ease of use is another feature of O&O SafeErase Professional. Integration with the Windows context menu simplifies the process by allowing users to initiate secure deletion of files directly from File Explorer. This user-friendly approach improves accessibility and seamlessly integrates privacy measures into the user’s digital workflow. Personalization is a key advantage of O&O SafeErase Professional, allowing users to customize the erasing process to suit their needs. Users can select the number of overwrites and the method of deletion to achieve a personal balance between security and efficiency.

As cyber threats continue to emerge, O&O SafeErase Professional is a proactive solution to mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized access to remote data. Using the latest data overwriting and erasure techniques, the software addresses the growing concerns of privacy and data privacy. Whether used to erase individual files, folders, or complete digital footprints, O&O SafeErase Professional is a comprehensive and reliable tool that demonstrates a commitment to consumer security in an increasingly digital environment.


Secure Erase Algorithms: O&O SafeErase uses advanced secure-erase algorithms that make it impossible to easily recover deleted files using standard file recovery tools. The software may use multiple overwriting methods, making data recovery nearly impossible.

File and Folder Shredder: This app includes a file and folder shredder that allows users to safely delete specific files or entire folders. It goes beyond traditional deletion methods and ensures maximum data security.

Online Privacy: O&O SafeErase Professional may offer tools to remove Internet history, cookies and other traces of online activity. This feature is necessary to maintain privacy and prevent the disclosure of confidential information.

Windows Integration: The software is fully compatible with the Windows context menu, allowing users to easily initiate secure deletion of files directly from File Explorer. This integration improves accessibility for users and encourages consistent use of safe disposal practices.

Customization Options: Users can customize the uninstallation process according to their preferences. This includes choosing the number of overwrites and choosing the specific method used to securely delete data. Customization allows users to balance security and efficiency to suit their needs.

Detailed Reports: O&O SafeErase can provide detailed reports, offering information about securely deleted files and data after each deletion process. This transparency increases user confidence in the software’s effectiveness.

Completely erasing the disk: In addition to erasing every file and folder, O&O SafeErase Professional can also offer complete disk erasing. This is especially useful when preparing your computer for resale or disposal to permanently delete all data on the drive.

Support for solid-state drives: The software may contain features specifically designed to securely erase data on solid-state drives (SSDs), given the unique characteristics of SSDs.

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