Offline Explorer Enterprise v8.5.0.4972 (Preactivated/Full)

Offline Explorer Enterprise v8.5.0.4972 (Preactivated/Full)

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Offline Explorer Enterprise is a powerful tool that can be used to automatically archive websites on a regular basis. It can also copy downloaded websites directly to your hard drive or other external media such as flash drives and DVDs. The downloaded content can be zipped in any format like WARC, ZIP, CHM, EXE, etc. The software provides a detailed download report of downloaded URLs and link errors.


Offline Explorer Enterprise, a pioneering force in website archiving and downloading, offers an unparalleled suite of advanced download technologies and production capabilities. With the capacity to retrieve up to an impressive 100 million URLs per project, it stands as an exceptional tool for capturing extensive online content.

The software’s automated and regular website archiving functions serve as a safeguard, ensuring the persistent capture of evolving online information. Additionally, it allows for the convenient duplication of downloaded websites directly onto external media, including hard drives, flash drives, or DVDs, amplifying accessibility and portability.

Furthermore, its versatility extends to archiving downloaded content in various formats such as WARC, ZIP, CHM, and even EXE, providing flexibility in how the data is stored and accessed. The software’s robustness is further highlighted by its ability to meticulously scrutinize download URLs and links, generating comprehensive reports that detail any errors encountered during the download process, and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the archived content.


Offline Explorer Enterprise, a leader in website archiving and download, provides advanced download technology and production capabilities. Download up to 100 million URLs per project. Automatically and regularly archive websites. Copy downloaded websites directly to external media such as hard drive, flash drive, or DVD. Archive downloaded content in WARC, ZIP, CHM, and EXE formats. Check download URL and link errors for a detailed download report.

Offline Explorer Enterprise offers a seamless solution for downloading extensive websites or specific files, providing users with unparalleled control over the download process. Its flexible settings empower users to select precisely what they want to download while skipping irrelevant content, ensuring a tailored and efficient downloading experience.

This level of control is instrumental in customizing the download process, allowing for a more refined and targeted capture of essential data. The software’s capabilities extend to downloading password-protected websites, a feature that enhances its utility for accessing restricted content. Moreover, its automation features enable downloads to occur automatically as required, reducing manual intervention.

The use of macros further amplifies its functionality, allowing for the regular and automated retrieval of updated content from websites. Offline Explorer Pro not only simplifies the process of downloading but also offers a comprehensive array of options that cater to diverse user needs, ensuring that virtually everything—from protected content to regularly updated sites—can be captured effortlessly.

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High download capacity: Allows you to efficiently download large websites or individual files.

Selective load control: Users have full control over what they download and can use flexible settings to skip unnecessary content.

Download Password Protected Site: This allows you to download content from password-protected websites and increase access.

Automated Downloads: Offers options to schedule and automate downloads, reducing manual intervention.

Use Macros: Allows you to download frequently updated content from websites using macros.

Extensive URL Support: Extensible and can manage multiple URLs in a single project.

Custom Filters: Allows you to use filters to clean downloaded content based on file type, size, or specific criteria.

Download Speed Control: Optimize your network usage and control your download speed.

Multiple Format Support: Archive downloaded content in multiple formats like WARC, ZIP, CHM, EXE, etc. to improve accessibility and compatibility.

Offline Viewing: This allows you to view downloaded content offline, so you can watch it even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Content Update Management: This allows you to save archived data and update downloaded content.

Comprehensive logging and reporting: Provides detailed reports on the download process and highlights any errors or issues.

Advanced Schedule: Provides detailed options to schedule automatic downloads at specific times or intervals.

Built-in Web Browser: Includes a browser for launching online searches and downloads.

External Media Storage: Allows you to stream and back up downloaded content directly to external media such as hard drives, flash drives, DVDs, etc.

HTTPS Support: Securely download from websites using the HTTPS protocol to ensure data integrity and security.


Offline Explorer Enterprise Preactivated

Offline Explorer Enterprise Preactivated

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