NetBalancer v12.3.2.3708 (Preactivated/Full)

NetBalancer v12.3.2.3708 (Preactivated/Full)

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NetBalancer is a Windows application that allows you to monitor and control your computer’s network traffic. It is designed to help you manage your Internet connection more efficiently by allowing you to set network traffic restrictions, priorities, and various usage rules.


NetBalancer is an invaluable Windows application that allows users to closely monitor and regulate network traffic on their computers. Designed to improve the efficiency of Internet connections, it allows users to set limits, priorities, and rules for network traffic. Offering real-time monitoring, NetBalancer provides detailed data usage information for each application or process. Allows users to dynamically set download and upload priorities, set limits for any process, and fine-tune their network resources.

With NetBalancer, you can monitor your computer’s network traffic in real-time and download and upload network priorities and restrictions for any process. You can also use the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) feature to block unwanted traffic, limit bandwidth for specific applications, and assign network priorities to your browser

Using deep packet inspection (DPI), NetBalancer allows you to block unwanted traffic, limit bandwidth for certain applications, and assign network priorities, which is especially useful for optimizing browser performance. The user-friendly application interface combined with powerful features makes NetBalancer a powerful tool for those seeking granular control over computer network dynamics to ensure a smooth and customizable Internet experience.


NetBalancer is a comprehensive and user-friendly Windows application designed to allow users to control the network traffic of their computers precisely. Designed to optimize Internet speed, manage data usage, or ensure the smooth operation of critical applications, NetBalancer offers a comprehensive set of features to meet a variety of network management needs.

NetBalancer integrates with the Windows system tray to provide quick access to its features. Users can dynamically adjust download and upload priorities to tailor their network usage to specific needs. At its core, NetBalancer is a monitoring and control tool that allows users to get real-time information about their computer’s network activity. The application provides detailed information about the data usage of each application or process, allowing users to make informed decisions about allocating network resources.

One of NetBalancer’s standout features is the ability to configure network traffic priorities and limits on a per-application basis. This means users can prioritize critical applications and receive the bandwidth they need for optimal performance. Conversely, low-priority or bandwidth-intensive applications can be given lower priority and prevented from monopolizing network resources. The application’s user interface is designed to be easy to use with intuitive controls and real-time graphics to visually display network activity.

NetBalancer goes beyond basic traffic monitoring by including advanced features such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This technology allows users to analyze and filter network traffic at a granular level, which blocks unwanted traffic and limits bandwidth for specific applications. The DPI feature is particularly useful for improving security and efficiently allocating network resources.

Rules and Filters are another important aspect of NetBalancer, giving users the flexibility to create custom rules to manage network traffic. This includes the ability to block or restrict specific applications or protocols, giving users a high level of control over their network environment. The software has proven to be a versatile solution for users looking to fine-tune their Internet connections. Whether you’re a power user looking to fine-tune your network settings or a casual user looking to optimize your online experience, NetBalancer offers the tools to achieve these goals.

Finally, NetBalancer stands out as a powerful network management tool for Windows users. The combination of real-time monitoring, traffic monitoring features, in-depth packet inspection, and an intuitive interface make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to monitor the dynamics of a computer network. Whether used to optimize performance, ensure fair resource allocation, or improve security, The software offers a reliable solution to manage network traffic with flexibility and precision. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Real-time monitoring: NetBalancer monitors network traffic in real time and provides detailed data usage information for each application or process running on your computer.

Traffic Control: Users can configure network traffic priorities on a per-application basis. It allocates more or less bandwidth to specific applications, allowing critical applications to receive the resources they need to run optimally.

Download and upload priorities: The app allows users to dynamically set download and upload priorities, giving them the flexibility to manage their network usage in real-time.

Rules and Filters: The software allows users to create custom rules and filters to control how different types of network traffic are handled. This includes blocking or restricting certain applications, protocols, or IP addresses.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): The DPI feature allows users to inspect and filter network traffic at a deep level. It can be used to block unwanted traffic, limit bandwidth for specific applications, and improve overall network security.

Graphs and Reports: This application usually contains visualizations of network activity, such as charts and reports. These tools help users analyze and understand their network usage patterns over time.

System Tray Integration: NetBalancer integrates with System Tray, allowing users to quickly and easily access its features without having to open a separate application window.

User Friendly Interface: The interface is designed to be user-friendly with intuitive controls and easy navigation. It allows novice and experienced users to effectively manage their network settings.

Traffic Graphs and Statistics: View detailed graphs and statistics showing the distribution of network traffic among different applications and processes to help users make informed decisions.

Automation Support:  The software supports automation with command-line tools, allowing users to script and automate specific network management tasks.

Password Protection: To prevent unauthorized access and changes to network settings, NetBalancer offers password protection, adding an extra layer of security.


NetBalancer Full Preactivated

NetBalancer Full Preactivated

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