Net Monitor for Employees Pro v6.2.4 (Preactivated/Full)

Net Monitor for Employees Pro v6.2.4 (Preactivated/Full)

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Net Monitor for Employees Pro is a cross-platform monitoring application that allows you to view the activity of multiple remote computers. This software is useful when you need to control and help users perform various tasks using a mouse and keyboard on a remote PC.


Net Monitor for Employees Pro is a versatile, cross-platform monitoring application designed to provide comprehensive visibility of activity on multiple remote computers. Whether you’re an IT administrator overseeing a computer network or a manager ensuring optimal performance, this software provides valuable insight into remote user activity. The program’s strengths lie in its remote control and assistance capabilities, allowing administrators to direct users by performing mouse and keyboard tasks on their remote computers. This is especially useful for troubleshooting, training, and support because it eliminates physical intervention.

The user-friendly interface allows even those without advanced technical skills to navigate the control and management functions easily. Net Monitor for Employees Pro is an essential tool for an efficient, cross-platform solution to monitor, manage, and support multiple computers on a network, ultimately improving productivity and optimizing remote collaboration.


Net Monitor for Employees Pro ny sulzheeny administratoruud, menezheeny administratoruud, madeeelliyn technologyn mergezhiltnuded zoriulzh khüchirheg, platforms hyanaltyn program yum. udirdlagyn talt program hangamzh n platformin hilig davzh, yanz buriyn orchlölt systemüudtey olon yanzyn zasvar. Net Monitor for Employees Pro-iyin gol heregsel tal ny computer alsyn zayn uyil ajillagaa yavuulah tsagiyg sayzhruulkh, administratoruudad hyanalt, udirdlaga, tuslamzh uzuzulekhed shaardlagatay zardlyg khangahad orshdog.

Programyn unsen funktsyn administratoruudad sulzheen dekh busad computer deerkh hereglegchdiyn uil azillagaag alsaas khangazhiyg udirdah. Ene n aldaag olzh zasvarlakh, beltgel hiykh, biye oroltsoogüygeer shuud tuslamzh uzüulekhed ontsgoy ach holbogdoltoy yum. Net Monitor for Employees Pro-iyin ontslokh shinj chanar ny adminuudad hulgan bolon gar ashiglazh baygaa deeree daalgavraa gutsetgekhed hyanalt tavikh, khereglegchded tuslah computer olgokh chadvar yum. Ene functionsg kheregzhuülekhed shuud udirdlaga, khondlongiin oroltsoog khongovchlohh zamaar ur ashgiyg deeshluldeg.

Net Monitor for Employees Pro-iyn interface ny hýrteeemzhtey baihaar býteegdsen býteegdsen technologist surilsan medlagtey bolon tehnik ur chadvar khyazgaarlagdmal hýmuuusiyg program saadgy udirdah bolomzhtoy. tuslah khereglegchded eeltey arga ni khynalt, khyaltyg iluu khyalbar big walker huv nemer oruuldag. Nemzh durdahad ug programs khangamzh ni olon platformsg demzhikh chadvaraaraa sulzheen dekh zov azhillagaa, orching biy bolgokh. platforms khoorondyn achaatay baidal ny administratoruud or or uydliyn systemudtej computeruudyg udirdah bolomzhtoy bolzh, madeelliin technologyn yaz buriyin uy azillagaag negdsen shiydliyg biy bolgozh baina. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Real-time monitoring: Allows administrators to view activity on remote computers in real-time and users to see activity in real-time.

Cross-platform compatibility: Supports multiple operating systems, making it a universal solution for networks with computers running on different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Remote Control and Assistance: Allows administrators to monitor remote computers and provide direct intervention and assistance. This feature is invaluable for troubleshooting, training, and assigning tasks to users.

User-friendly interface: The software has a flexible and user-friendly interface that allows both technically experienced users and people with limited technical capabilities to effectively manage and use the functions.

Multi-monitor support: Recognizes and supports multi-monitor settings on remote computers, allowing administrators to have a complete view of user activity across multiple screens.

Screen Recording: Allows administrators to record the screens of remote computers, useful for training, documenting, and tracking user activity.

Application and Website Monitoring: Monitors the use of specific applications and websites on remote computers and provides insight into how resources are being used.

File Transfer: Enables secure file transfer between the administrator’s computer and remote computers, making it easy to share needed files or updates.

Custom Alerts: Allows administrators to set custom alerts for specific events or activities, allowing them to quickly respond to potential security issues or concerns.

Secure Communications: Provides secure connections between the administrator’s computer and remote computers, protecting sensitive information and ensuring the integrity of the monitoring process.

IP Address or Hostname Binding: Allows administrators to use IP addresses or hostnames to match different network configurations, providing flexibility in connecting to remote computers.


Net Monitor For Employees Pro Full Preactivated

Net Monitor For Employees Pro Full Preactivated

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