Mob Control v2.60.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Mob Control v2.60.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Android Android 5.1 and upCasual
Price: $0
App Name Mob Control
Publisher VOODOO
Version 2.60.0 Build 1628
OS Required 5.1 and up
Genre Casual
Size 153.53 MB
Release Date Sep 24, 2023
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Mob Control is the most famous version in the Mob Control series of publisher VOODOO
Mod Version 2.60.0 Build 1628

  • Unlimited Money

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Mob Control and Crowd Control challenge opponents with exponential soldier strength. You will have access to a mechanism specifically designed to send troops to fight the enemy. You are the green piece and your opponent is the red piece; To crush them, you must lead your troops through one of the many exits available. The pillars have been fortified and you have completed all the requirements to advance to the next level. You bring difficulties to the fore without losing sight of the need to maintain control over your powers.



You, the player, are in command of a squad of stickmen and must order them to fulfill their mission in this war. Mob Control allows the player to communicate with a large number of other players at the same time. The struggle between the two forces of the Blues and the Reds greatly increased the level of tension in the area.

Mob Control

You must do your best to show your full potential and rise to the top. Since the strengths of both parties are significant and balanced, it is important to determine what those strengths are and how they will use them. You only need to fire your cannons to send your soldiers into battle; they will rush forward and invade enemy territory.


It would be better if you had a solid defensive base to safely build up your team’s strength. This cluster of towers is designed to resemble a royal tower and was created to form a large educational complex. These fortresses played a decisive role in laying the foundations for development in many countries.

Mob Control

As you conquer territory, you must also build new facilities nearby so that your victorious army can proudly fly its flag on the highest peak it can capture. Try it with an opposing goalkeeper for a fresh look at establishing dominance. By completing various quests and missions, you will be able to use many towers that you will unlock, collect, and build the army of your kingdom.


The strongest cards in the Mob Control card game can also help their owners hone their skills. You can help your troops stay in place longer by aiming the cannon at the right place and firing the right energy. Hire more soldiers and focus your efforts on improving the already impressive capabilities of the cannon.

Mob Control

Increasing your loot on the track will be part of the upgrade process. And thanks to the luck associated with these cards, the army is constantly replenished. The more upgrade modes you win, the stronger you will become. If you are determined to fight and defeat your opponent, you must quickly gather more supporters for your cause.


You will win the game if you press the red piece and control the playing field. Having respect and the coveted trophy that comes with it is a great source of satisfaction. Surely you will want to go through each level and glorify your team at the end of each round. There is nothing better than climbing to the top of the podium after a long day of competition. Thanks to your efforts, the treasure chest has been replenished with riches again. Overcome obstacles and enjoy your victory as you scorn the thousands of enemies you have defeated around the world.




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