Mirillis Action! v4.39.0 (Portable/Full)

Mirillis Action! v4.39.0 (Portable/Full)

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Mirillis action! is a screen recording and game recording program for Windows. It is designed to capture and record various activities on your computer screen, making it popular among gamers who want to record gameplay videos or share their gaming experiences. This software allows users to record high-quality videos with smooth and fluid motion.


Mirillis action! It stands out as an exceptional screen recording and game recording software for Windows users. Designed specifically for capturing and documenting a variety of activities on a computer screen, it has become very popular, especially among the gaming community. Created with Mirillis Action Gamers in mind! It’s a solution for people who want to talk about their gameplay by creating amazing videos of their gaming achievements and experiences. The program delivers high-quality video characterized by fluid motion, allowing the captured content to be sharp and dynamic.

As a versatile tool, it serves not only the gaming community, but is also valuable for those who want to record a variety of on-screen activities, including educational tutorials, professional presentations, and creative endeavors. Mirillis action! It stands out with its user-friendly interface, real-time recording capabilities, and support for exporting videos to multiple formats, making it a must-have choice for anyone looking for smooth, premium screen recording on the Windows platform.


Mirillis action! It is a user-friendly software with screen recording and game recording features only for the Windows platform. Designed for a variety of audiences, this app is a solution for gamers, content creators, educators, and professionals looking for seamless, high-quality video recording. The main purpose of the software is to capture and share game moments, allowing users to document their game wins, experiences, and strategies. Mirillis’ Call to Action! Designed for users who want to create engaging video tutorials or accurately record any on-screen action, it goes beyond gaming.

One of the great features of Mirillis Action! It’s a user interface that simplifies the recording process for professionals of all levels. The app’s user-friendly design ensures smooth and efficient use and allows users to easily use its powerful features. Real-time recording capabilities combined with hardware acceleration contribute to high-quality video with fluid motion and clarity.

Mirillis action! Provides gameplay footage and audio to gamers, including game sounds and microphone commentary. The software supports live streaming to popular platforms like Twitch or YouTube, making it a complete solution for those who want to share their content in real-time.

In addition to the article, Mirillis Action! Offers basic video editing features, allowing users to crop, trim, and merge videos. It supports multiple export options and allows users to save their videos in popular formats such as MP4, AVI, and FLV. The app also includes benchmarking tools to measure and display framerates during gameplay, providing additional insights for gamers and content creators.

Basically Mirillis action! powerful features combined with an easy-to-use interface make it a versatile tool for anyone looking to record, create, and share high-quality videos on Windows. For games, tutorials, presentations, or creative projects, Mirillis Action! It remains a reliable and comprehensive choice for those looking for superior video recording capabilities. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


User-Friendly Interface: Mirillis Action! A responsive and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to professionals of all levels.

Game Recording: The software is designed to record gameplay with high-definition video output and smooth motion. It supports various gaming platforms and uses hardware acceleration for optimal performance.

Live Streaming: Users can live stream their gameplay or tabletop action from within Mirillis Action to popular platforms like Twitch or YouTube! interface.

Real-time recording and comparison: The time-lapse function allows users to record the last moments of their gameplay or on-screen activity. Benchmarking tools provide information on frame rate and system performance.

Screenshot: Mirillis Action! is not limited to games; It allows users to record their entire screen or specific regions for a variety of purposes, including tutorials, presentations, creative projects, and more.

Audio Recording: In addition to video recording, the software also supports audio recording such as game sounds, microphone commentary, and system sounds.

Video Editing: Mirillis Action! Basic video editing features are included, allowing users to trim, crop, and merge videos. It supports adding text, effects, and overlays to enhance the final video.

Export Options: Users can export their recorded videos in various formats like popular videos like MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. This flexibility allows compatibility with different platforms and devices.

Hardware Acceleration: Mirillis Action! Hardware acceleration is used to smooth recording and has minimal impact on system performance, which is ideal for resource-intensive tasks such as game recording.

Remote Control: The software supports remote control functionality, allowing users to control recording and streaming from their Android devices.

Green Screen Mode: Mirillis Action! It has a green screen (chroma key) mode that allows users to remove the background while recording or streaming for a more colorful and professional look.

Multi-Core Support: This app takes advantage of multi-core processors for efficient video encoding and improved performance.

Webcam Recording: Users can overlay webcam footage on top of the perfect video to add a personal touch to videos and tutorials.

Timed Post: Mirillis Action! It offers time recording options that allow users to take long processes or activities and condense them into a shorter, more digestible format.


Mirillis Action!  for Windows

Mirillis Action Full Version Free Download

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