Microsoft Edge v123.0.2420.53 Offline Installer for Windows

Microsoft Edge v123.0.2420.53 Offline Installer for Windows

Do you have a Windows operating system and are you looking for a Microsoft Edge Offline Installer download link? You’re in the right place.

In this post, you can find a Microsoft Edge Offline Installer download link and you can download it at high speed because we are providing a Microsoft Edge Offline Installer direct download link with a high-speed server.

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. There may have been updates and changes to Microsoft Edge since then, so check the latest information for the most accurate.


When coding a website, developers must ensure that it works on every website, or at least on large websites. The main engines are Google’s Blink, Mozilla’s Gecko, Apple’s WebKit, and Microsoft’s EdgeHTML. When the latter comes out, it will be easier to create a new website and maintain compatibility. Switching to Blink is also an advantage for Microsoft. Implementing the new web standard will now be easier, as the Edge development team will be able to release everything on the latest Chromium version to keep it up to date.

Most Edge users haven’t complained about the browser’s visual design many times, and the UI has always been one of its powerful suits. So it’s clear that Microsoft is trying to keep everything the same. The browser will not be 100% identical to EdgeHTML, but you will not see too many differences before you go to the various menus. However, the Chromium-inspired configuration page replaces the old Edge sidebar, which many users will see as an improvement.

If some work still needs to be done, this is the user’s personalization. There is nothing different from the default fonts other than changing the home button and favorite line. Originally only the edge: // dark theme that can be enabled from the flags page can now be entered in the browser settings. Edge allows you to follow the default system settings or choose which theme.

Initially, the new Edge works as smoothly as expected from most engines, and pages load faster. In fact, it feels just like Chrome, which is great news for users who are considering replacing their browsers. RAM usage varies considerably, but seems to be lower than Chrome when multiple tabs open, and higher when only one or two are activated simultaneously. This seems to be better than the old EdgeHTML version on the board. However, remember that your results may vary, as several parameters affect RAM usage.

It’s no secret that Chrome Web Store surpasses all other warehouses in terms of the number of extensions. If you can’t find the add-on here, you probably won’t find it anywhere else. Of course, these extensions are only supported by Chromium-based browsers, and Edge is now one of them. Microsoft is promoting its boutique, but users can install Chrome extensions for free. For now, Microsoft’s decision to switch to Chromium seems like a smart decision. The new engine hasn’t changed much in terms of drive design and feels, opening up new possibilities and promising good things for the future of the project. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Chromium Engine: Microsoft Edge is built on the open-source Chromium Engine that powers Google Chrome. This change was introduced to improve compatibility and performance.

Cross-platform: Microsoft Edge is available on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, making it a cross-platform browser.

Performance improvements: The Chromium engine brings improvements in terms of speed, stability, and compatibility with websites and web applications.

Collection: This feature allows users to collect, organize, and share content from the web. It is a convenient tool for researching and organizing information.

Tracking Prevention: Microsoft Edge includes a tracking prevention feature that protects users from tracking by websites and third-party advertisers and helps improve privacy.

Smart Copy: A feature that allows you to copy content from a web page and preserve its formatting and structure when pasting it elsewhere.

Extensions: Microsoft Edge supports extensions, many of which are available through the Microsoft Edge Extensions Store. Users can customize their browsing experience by adding various extensions.

Immersive Reader: This feature improves the readability of articles by removing unnecessary elements from web pages and creating a clean, distraction-free reading environment.

Internet Explorer Mode: For businesses and enterprises, Microsoft Edge includes Internet Explorer Mode to access older websites and apps that aren’t compatible with modern browsers.

Security: Microsoft Edge includes various security features like Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to protect against phishing and malware, as well as safe browsing options.


Microsoft Edge Offline InstallerMicrosoft Edge Offline Installer

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