Merge Dragons v10.13.0 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Merge Dragons v10.13.0 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Android Android 5.1 and upPuzzle
Price: $0
App Name Merge Dragons
Publisher Zynga
Version 10.13.0 Build 983
OS Required 5.1 and up
Genre Puzzle
Size 175.19 MB
Release Date Nov 27, 2023
Mod Info Free Shopping
Get it On Google Play
Merge Dragons is the most famous version in the Merge Dragons series of publisher Zynga
Mod Version 10.13.0 Build 983

  • Free Shopping Unlocked
[Note: Buy everything for Coins and Gems, even when not enough or quantity 0!]

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In the exciting world of Merge Dragons! mundane can become amazing just by joining other dragons. In this exciting world, players can upgrade and remodel any item they find. Dragonia, a strange and mysterious world floating high in the sky, used to be full of life and brightness until the evil Zomblins imposed the horror of non-existence on it. But fear not, for YOUR one-of-a-kind magical talent offers the last glimmer of hope for Earth’s rebirth, the ability to UNITE ANYTHING! Dragon eggs, trees, jewels, stars, magical flowers, and mythical creatures are all fair game.



UNITE THE DRAGONS! promises 81 exciting challenges and 500 mind-blowing things that change the idea of what it means to have fun. You can freely move objects around the beautiful globe and combine three of the same to create a more powerful item. Have you ever thought about picking up the Essence of Life and using it to unleash the power to bring the valley to life? Or find the statues of Gaia, lost in the cursed lands of each level. Connect them to unravel the mystery and breathe new life into Dragonia.

Merge Dragons Mod APK


Thirty-seven new dragon breeds are waiting to be discovered in the valley, and you can even spawn new dragons by leading them through the eight stages of the valley! The good times keep coming. Create dragons from egg alloy and they will fly through the valley and bring useful loot. An ominous fog has kidnapped the leader of the camp. If you choose to accept this job, you will be tasked with clearing the air, reclaiming the land, and bringing the dragons back to their home. The evil cloud can be dispelled by collecting dragon eggs, hatching them at the main camp, and using their power to drive them away.


About 900 quests in Merge Dragons! will test your mental abilities. Over 180 puzzle-filled levels await, each with unique challenges and the promise of valuable rewards as your dragon fortress expands. How many different things can you make with over 1600 different things, including plants, buildings, currency, wealth, fallen stars, magical artifacts, mythological animals, and more? Did we mention there are hidden areas to explore?

Merge Dragons Mod APK


What good is a game without social contact? Participate in Merge Dragons with your friends! Head to their bases for ideas and maybe even some tactics. Give and receive gifts with a generous heart. You can join the Lair after enabling the Lair option. In this area, you can interact with other inhabitants of your lair and help each other. After all, it takes a village to heal Dragonia; this village is you!


With Kala, daily quests and rewards are a staple of Merge Dragons!, ensuring the game continues to evolve. No two weeks are the same in this world, and each brings a new topic and a new challenge. Can you also pick up and collect brand-new dragons? This feature ensures you never reach a plateau of monotony, keeping you on your toes with constant updates. It’s a game that adapts to your playstyle and keeps you curious about what’s next.

Merge Dragons Mod APK


Our enchanted Dragonia Valley is in desperate need of your healing hands. The land cursed by the Zomblins slowly heals with each item picked up and the dragon hatches. By combining the Essence of Life, you can release healing power and revive Dragonia. This is more than a game; it is a battle cry and a roadmap to redemption. Dragon Merge! it’s more than just fun entertainment as it takes you into a vast story of rebirth and restoration as you work to restore Dragonia to its former glory.





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