MediaMonkey Gold v5.0.5.2695 (Preactivated/Full)

MediaMonkey Gold v5.0.5.2695 (Preactivated/Full)

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MediaMonkey Gold is an enhanced and premium version of MediaMonkey, the popular digital media player and media library application. It’s designed to manage and organize your digital music and video collection on Windows.


MediaMonkey Gold is a music manager and media jukebox that allows you to catalog CD, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV, and MP3 audio files. It provides a wide range of features for managing your music and video collections, including a multimedia collection that allows you to segment, modify, and independently manage large media libraries. For example, you can set the Classical music collection to show the Conductor node and the Original Year column and play with crossfading disabled, but the Contemporary music will not. It offers advanced search functionality to explore your collection and find tracks by almost any criteria.

You can automatically organize and rename audio/video files on your hard drive into logical hierarchies of your choice according to the rules you define. MediaMonkey Gold provides a professional-quality CD ripping service that detects when a CD is damaged and slows down the disc rotation enough to read it, at least in some cases. In addition, MediaMonkey Gold can automatically search for artwork and lyrics without updating the tags, and download metadata that won’t be saved until you agree.


MediaMonkey Gold is the premium version of the popular MediaMonkey digital media player and library management software. Developed by Ventis Media, MediaMonkey Gold enhances the user experience with a variety of enhanced features for enthusiasts and audiophiles. It is a comprehensive media management tool for organizing, managing, and playing your huge music and video collection on Windows. It ensures compatibility with a wide variety of file types to serve users with a wide variety of media content.

MediaMonkey Gold’s advanced media management capabilities allow users to easily tag, categorize, and organize their digital media files, providing a structured and accessible library. Automatic tagging features contribute to the efficiency and optimization of organizational processes and save time managing metadata for a wide range of user collections. One of the highlights of MediaMonkey Gold is the ability to rip audio CDs to digital format and burn playlists or entire media collections to CD or DVD. This feature increases the versatility of the software, allowing users to digitize their music collections and create personal audio CDs.

MediaMonkey Gold offers advanced search and filtering options, allowing users to quickly find specific songs and albums from a large library. Custom skins and visuals further enhance the user interface, allowing players to customize the look and feel to their liking. Automatic library organization is a key aspect of MediaMonkey Gold, with the ability to organize media collections based on user-defined criteria such as genre, artist, and album. This will give you a well-organized and well-structured library that will allow you to browse and play. It extends its format support to include a wide variety of audio and video formats.

The premium version adds the ability to sync multiple devices, allowing users to sync well-organized media libraries across multiple devices. This seamless sync ensures a consistent experience whether you’re consuming media on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Furthermore, It allows unlimited MP3 encoding by removing the limitations of converting audio files to the popular MP3 format. At its core, MediaMonkey Gold stands out as a feature-rich, user-friendly media management solution that offers enthusiasts an advanced experience in organizing, playing, and enjoying their digital music and video collections.

MediaMonkey Gold expands with additional features, making it an excellent choice for users looking for superior media library management on the Windows platform. Users are encouraged to visit the official Ventis Media website for the latest and most accurate information on MediaMonkey Gold features and capabilities. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Advanced media management: MediaMonkey Gold provides advanced tools for managing and organizing large music and video collections. Users can easily tag and categorize media files, making it easy to manage and find specific content.

Automatic tagging and organization: The Gold version offers enhanced automatic tagging, allowing users to automatically capture metadata information and apply it to their media files.

CD/DVD ripping and burning: MediaMonkey Gold usually includes features for ripping audio CDs to digital formats and burning playlists or media collections back to CD or DVD.

Advanced Search and Filters: MediaMonkey Gold users often have access to advanced search and filter options that make it easy to find specific songs and albums from their extensive library.

Custom skins and visuals: The Gold Edition may have additional customization options, allowing users to customize the look and feel of the player through different skins and visuals.

Automatic library organization: MediaMonkey Gold lets you automatically organize your media libraries according to certain criteria, such as genre, artist, and album.

Expanded format support: The Gold version will support a wider range of audio and video formats and be compatible with different file types.

Sync with multiple devices: Users can enjoy enhanced sync capabilities so they can sync their media library across multiple devices.

Unlimited MP3 Encoding: The free version of MediaMonkey may have limitations on MP3 encoding, but the Gold version can offer unlimited MP3 encoding.


MediaMonkey Gold Full Preactivated

MediaMonkey Gold Full Preactivated

MediaMonkey Gold Full Preactivated

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