LuBan 3D v03.03.2024 (Preactivated/Full)

LuBan 3D v03.03.2024 (Preactivated/Full)

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LuBan 3D is a popular tool in China for 3D modeling and design, especially for woodworking and carpentry. This software specializes in creating 3D models for carpentry projects such as furniture, cabinets, and other wooden structures.


LuBan 3D has become very popular in China as the leading software solution for 3D modeling and design, especially in the woodworking and carpentry industry. Specialized software for carpenters and woodworkers is useful for creating complex 3D models for carpentry projects, from furniture and cabinets to various woodwork. Its robust features and user-friendly interface enable artisans to render designs accurately and efficiently.

LuBan 3D offers a comprehensive library of components and supports parametric design techniques, allowing users to easily modify and iterate their creations. In addition, the integration of software with CNC machines simplifies the manufacturing process, allowing users to translate their digital designs into physical, high-quality wood products. In essence, LuBan 3D has become an indispensable tool for woodworkers and carpenters, changing the way we approach modern design and craftsmanship.


LuBan 3D is a popular software solution in the 3D modeling and design industry, especially for woodworking and carpentry projects in China. This versatile tool is designed to meet the needs of craftsmen and woodworkers, offering a comprehensive set of features to streamline design and production processes. Essentially, LuBan 3D allows users to create complex 3D models of carpentry projects such as furniture, cabinets, and various wood structures with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

One of the standout features is robust parametric design capabilities that allow users to define and adjust key parameters such as dimensions, materials, and carpentry methods. In addition, the software has a huge library of pre-made parts and components commonly used in woodworking, helping to quickly assemble and modify designs using standard building blocks. This extensive component library, combined with intuitive tools for real-time visualization, allows users to iterate designs and evaluate aesthetic and functional aspects before construction begins.

Furthermore, LuBan 3D offers seamless integration with computer numerical control (CNC) machines, a core technology in modern woodworking that automates the cutting and shaping of materials. This integration allows users to export their 3D models directly to the CNC machine, simplifying the manufacturing process and allowing accurate design execution. LuBan 3D provides woodworkers and carpenters with a powerful yet accessible platform to realize their creative visions, whether creating complex furniture or designing intricate woodwork. The user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow are suitable for all levels of users, from seasoned professionals to hobbyists exploring the art of woodworking.

Overall, Luban 3D witnesses the intersection of craft and technology, allowing artisans to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in woodworking using the power of 3D modeling and CNC manufacturing. LuBan 3D’s comprehensive features, integrated CNC technology, and user-centered design make LuBan 3D an indispensable tool for woodworkers looking to improve their skills and realize designs with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Parametric design: Using parametric design techniques, users can define and modify basic parameters such as dimensions, materials, and wood processing methods to create 3D models that can be customized to meet specific project requirements.

Extensive component library: The software provides a huge library of parts and components widely used in woodworking, such as joints, fasteners, and decorative elements. This library simplifies the design process with a wide selection of standard building blocks for quick assembly and modification.

Real-Time Visualization: LuBan 3D allows users to visualize their designs in real time within the software interface, allowing them to instantly suggest and adjust designs. It helps explore design options and helps users evaluate the aesthetic and functional aspects of their project.

Integration with CNC machines: The software integrates with computer numerical control (CNC) machines, allowing users to export their 3D models directly to CNC machines. This integration optimizes manufacturing processes and ensures precise design execution.

Ease of use: With an intuitive user interface and workflow, LuBan 3D can be used by users of all skill levels, from seasoned professionals to hobbyists. The software’s user-friendly design makes it easy to learn and use, allowing users to create complex 3D models with confidence.

Customization and Iteration: Thanks to the software’s powerful parametric design capabilities and extensive component library, users can easily modify and iterate their designs. It allows rapid prototyping and testing and helps users refine their designs to achieve desired results.

Precision and Accuracy: LuBan 3D offers a high level of precision and accuracy in 3D modeling, enabling faithful translation of models from digital prototypes to real production. This accuracy is essential for optimal fit and performance in woodworking projects.


LuBan 3D Full Preactivated

LuBan 3D Full Preactivated

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