iTunes v12.13.1.3 (Preactivated/Full)

iTunes v12.13.1.3 (Preactivated/Full)

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iTunes is a media player, library, and mobile device management software for playing, downloading, and organizing digital audio and video. It is the easiest way to organize and enjoy your music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books. In addition, you can buy anything you want.


iTunes is an advanced application that is not only a great media player but also a great iPod and iPhone manager. Simplicity is perhaps the most appropriate word, to sum up, its overall appearance and usability.

You can even listen to free streaming radio stations with iTunes Radio with this program. Apple’s App Store component is also available on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. You will find millions of high-quality songs. Thousands of movies to buy or rent – your favorite TV shows – also hundreds of thousands of apps, games, and podcasts.

iTunes store is packed with everything from music to movies, apps to e-books. But with the tens of millions of things for sale there, it’s easy to overlook some of the store’s lesser-known or less-used features. For example, did you know that the Apple App Store offers unique bonus content for certain albums, where you can get free digital copies of movies you buy on DVD/Blu-ray and more?

In addition to playing songs, it provides the ability to compile “intelligent” playlists created based on user preferences, allows you to connect to the music database, exchange data with the iPod pocket computer, and record general audio. Computers are CDs that can be played on a Mac or PC, as well as in a regular CD player or using a home audio system.


iTunes lets you do whatever you want with your gadgets, including backups, synchronizations, contact management, and most importantly, installing apps from the Apple Store. To purchase and install apps hosted by the iTunes Store, iPhone owners need a downloadable app that provides the environment needed to purchase software securely.

The app plays your videos and music quickly and helps you organize playlists and library items. Other than that, It has all the features you’d expect in a media player, plus something special: You can easily subscribe to podcasts, TV shows, and other similar content, and each of these files will be automatically delivered to your computer as they become available.

The ‘iTunes Backup feature comes in quite handy and allows you to save your library to CDs or DVDs. You can back up purchases or entire content as you wish. There is also an option that allows you to perform an incremental backup, meaning that only items that have been added or changed since the last backup are updated.

With iTunes, everything is kept at hand, and seamless integration with external devices like iPods and iPhones lets you manage everything with ease. Of course, you can also use it as a media player, but it’s best to take it for a spin to see for yourself what it can do for you. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Media playback: Users can use iTunes to play music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and podcasts on their computer.

Media Organization: It provides tools for organizing and managing media libraries, including creating playlists, sorting content by artist, album, genre, and other criteria, and adding artwork and metadata to media files.

Media Purchases: Users can purchase and download songs, albums, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and podcasts from the iTunes Store directly from within the app.

Sync with Devices: It allows users to sync their media library with their iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This includes transferring music, videos, photos, apps, and other content between computers and devices.

Backup and Restore: It provides backup and restore tools for iOS devices, allowing users to back up device data to their computer and restore from backup if necessary.

Internet Radio: It includes a feature called iTunes Radio that allows users to stream Internet radio stations based on genre, artist, and song.

Home Sharing: In Home Sharing, users can share their iTunes library with other devices on the same local network and transfer content between computers and iOS devices.

Podcast Management: It allows users to discover, subscribe to, and manage podcasts, including automatic downloads of new episodes and syncing between devices.

Customize: Users can customize their iTunes experience by adjusting settings such as playback options, equalizer settings, and library view.


iTunes Full Version

iTunes Full Version

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