Is It Possible to Make $1200 a Week by Investing $100

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Bitcoin Leverage Trading Description

CFDs, Contact for Difference, are financial products that offer traders and investors the opportunity to make predictions without using physical leverage.

Bitcoin Leverage Trading

They are popular for Forex – a foreign currency, but Bitcoin is rapidly becoming popular for cryptocurrencies such as BTC. Bitcoin leverage trading allows people with low assets and trading advantages to buffering their trading assets from 2X to 100X.

Let me give you an example.

A $1000 account with 2x leverage will buffer your assets to $2,000, and 100x fold leverage will increase your trading capital to $100,000.

Another advantage of Bitcoin leverage trading is its short-term selling position, which allows you to make a profit if bitcoin prices are expected to fall in the short term. If you have only traded in the BTC market, taking a short-selling position is something you can’t do.

So, for me, even though I consider BTC to be a digital value store, I occasionally traded BTC futures with leverage as a way to manage risk and overcome BTC’s short-term ups and downs.

However, it requires some skill and I will share it in this article.

How Did I Place $100 on the BTCC Crypto Futures Trading Platform and Earn $1,200 a Week Using the Bitcoin Contract Leverage?

Bitcoin Leverage Trading

As mentioned in the introduction, I use BTC futures as a way to benefit from trading incentives and profit from short-term fluctuations without risking all of my BTC ownership. Here’s how I got started working on the BTCC crypto exchange.

First, I didn’t want to trade with my own assets, so I was looking for a crypto broker that would allow me to leverage trades to manage my risk and increase my assets quickly.

I had $1,000 in my crypto wallet, so I decided to deposit $100 of my $1,000 into my BTCC crypto derivative account, and the 50X leverage gave me $5,000. Remember that the BTCUSDT rate must be 2% against me in order for me to fall.

Realizing this, I realized that I need to trade for a minimum of 5 minutes with the price fluctuating by an average of 1.5% in order to trade when the pair RSI over-sells or exits the over-selling zone. Most of the trades were in the direction of significant growth, as determined by the Golden Cross of the Mobile Average of the 20th and 50th generations.

The BTCUSDT price is below the MA20, the MA20 is above the MA50, and the RSI (4) is in the oversold zone. The BTCUSDT traded above the MA20, the MA20 was below the MA50, and the RSI (4) was in the overbought zone.

I have also included a pattern of rising and fall differences and will be more aggressive when events come together. When I started playing, a little woman was probably lucky. From time to time, I wait for a larger schedule setting on a higher daily or weekly schedule to trigger a growth or decline campaign.

As the BTCUSDT rate rose, so did the bulls’ rise from March 21 to March 6, which had a significant impact on my success. Below are some of the levels I have held that I think are worth mentioning.

I determined the usual pattern of growth differences on March 21 at 21:05, March 10, and March 21 at 02:25, and immediately jumped in. I moved to this position on March 13 at 07:20 on the 21st, indicating that the uptrend is continuing and finding another pattern with a growth gap.


So I added 50x leverage to my first $100 deposit, making 24% of $50,000 a week. Although I consider myself lucky to have achieved this, I would say that I had a game plan, understood the risks involved, and had $900 left in my crypto wallet to make another hundred dollars if it didn’t work out.

Now I am trading in house money and I am very careful at this time. So is it possible to change $100 to $1,200 to answer the question? The answer is YES!

However, in order not to sound like a broken record, you have to have a game plan and never rely on passion.

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