IObit Smart Defrag v9.4.0.342 (Preactivated/Full)

IObit Smart Defrag v9.4.0.342 (Preactivated/Full)

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IObit Smart Defrag is a hard disk defragmenter. It works in several modes manual, scheduled, and automatic (defragmentation occurs in the background when the computer is idle). In the case of using automatic mode, the application does not perform well in terms of user and system performance. Defragmentation starts when the computer is idle or idle.


IObit Smart Defrag is the ability to defragment different hard drives at the same time, but that’s not all. This tool is capable of optimizing file location by saving the fastest disk space for frequently used files. The program also includes a feature called Auto Defrag that defragments selected hard drives when the computer is idle. Smart Defrag allows you to program defragmentation and automatically turn off the computer after the process is complete. Smart Defrag is a powerful defrag tool designed to organize your files and folders in ways that improve computer performance.

Therefore, the program is a better alternative to traditional Windows programs, more efficient and uses less CPU. In addition, Smart Defrag has received a new defrag engine for faster and more stable processes with less CPU consumption in its latest versions. It also added SSD tuning to improve performance and got new professional game defragmentation technology to improve the gaming experience.


Disk fragmentation is a major cause of slow computer performance. IObit Smart Defrag offers the best solution for faster data access and improved disk performance with an advanced multi-threaded defrag engine, improved defrag speed. Then you can enjoy fast game launches, file copying in half an hour, etc.

This program allows the user to quickly and completely defragment the displayed volumes on internal and external memory. Before choosing the right defragmenter, we must first analyze the data storage device. Periodic defragmentation is especially important for Windows computers. The data stored on the hard disk is spread over its entire space, which increases the time to access the file and shortens the memory life.

The user interface is simple and easy to navigate, allowing all users to quickly familiarize themselves with IObit Smart Defrag, even if they have little experience. In the main window of the program, you can see all drives ready for analysis and defragmentation and some information about them, such as free and total size. In addition, you can add specific files or folders and defragment video games and Windows 8 programs.

There are several defrag modes: defrag only, quick optimization, defrag and full optimization, or defrag and sort files. In addition, Smart Defrag supports automatic, boot time and scheduled defrag functions. Additionally, the computer can shut down, sleep, hibernate, or reboot after Smart Defrag is complete. Automatic defragmentation is a defragmentation method that starts when a volume has been inactive for more than a few minutes and stops when resource usage exceeds a certain number (these numbers can be set in the Settings menu).

Boot-time Defrag performs defragmentation on files that cannot be safely moved while Windows is running. If you don’t want to interrupt them, you can schedule defragmentation. Additionally, you can create an exclusion list for any files or folders you don’t want to extract. In the settings, you can specify conditions for starting and stopping the defragmentation process. For example, if the system is idle for 5 minutes, it starts and ends when the processor load reaches 40%. Among other things, the program not only performs defragmentation but also selects and organizes the location of files from each other for faster reading.

The results can be seen in the report – fragmentation level before and after, summary of all files and directories (defragmentation), elapsed time. In general, Smart Defrag provides excellent results for disk defragmentation. It uses less CPU and RAM and is smart enough to be used by experienced users as well as beginners. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Smart Defragmentation: Smart Defragmentation uses smart algorithms to analyze files on your hard drive or SSD to improve system performance.

Boot-time defragmentation: This feature allows you to defragment certain system files and folders that cannot be safely defragmented while the system is running. This is done at system startup.

Auto Defrag: Set Smart Defrag to run automatically in the background and continuously optimize your files for faster access.

Game Optimization: There is a special mode for gamers that optimizes the system to improve game performance by optimizing game-related files.

Large File Defragmentation: This feature targets large files for defragmentation to improve system responsiveness and reduce access time for these files.

SSD Trim function: For SSD drives, Smart Defrag supports the TRIM command, which helps maintain optimal performance and extend the life of the SSD.

Customizable defragmentation: Users can customize the defragmentation process by selecting specific files or folders to defragment.

Multi-Disk Defragmentation: Intelligent defragmentation defrags multiple drives simultaneously, saving time and improving efficiency.

User-friendly interface: Software usually comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily manage various features and settings.

Detailed reports: Smart Defrag provides detailed reports on the defrag process, including information about optimized files, disk status, and more.


IObit Smart Defrag Pro Full Version Free Download 1
IObit Smart Defrag Pro Full Version Free Download

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