ImageRanger Pro Edition v1.9.6.1888 (Preactivated/Full)

ImageRanger Pro Edition v1.9.6.1888 (Preactivated/Full)

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ImageRanger Pro Edition is a photo and video file management software that allows you to easily organize your files, photos, and videos. It has facial recognition and quickly searches for important files without the need for an Internet connection, ensuring complete privacy. ImageRanger is an advanced management and organization software designed to help users manage and organize large images.


ImageRanger Pro Edition is an image and video file manager software that lets you easily organize your files, photos, and videos. It features facial recognition and quickly searches for important files without the need for an internet connection, ensuring complete privacy. You can index entire NAS and USB drives without server intervention. The software is installable and you can use it for life. It also offers 24/7 online support via email. Some of ImageRanger’s features include automatically organizing your photos into file folders, finding and removing duplicate photos, quickly viewing and searching millions of photos and videos, and searching and editing image metadata such as EXIF and IPTC records.

ImageRanger has a personal face recognition feature on your local computer and writes image data to EXIF files so you can index and browse removable storage drives. You can work on multiple images on the same screen, and there are many other features for power users. ImageRanger supports a wide variety of image data formats, including RAW files for Nikon, Canon, and Fuji cameras. You can rate single or multiple images, convert RAW image files, assign keyword tags, and view image metadata. You can also insert images into the new folder structure. ImageRanger Pro Edition is available for both Windows and MacOS, and you can download a free trial version from their website.


ImageRanger Pro Edition is advanced management and organization software designed to meet the needs of photographers, digital artists, and people who work with large image collections. This unique design goes beyond the capabilities of the free version and offers a full set of features for organizing grouping, and recapturing images. The main goal of ImageRanger Pro Edition is to provide users with effective tools to manage and access their large image libraries.

ImageRanger Pro Edition stands out for making it easy to organize large collections of photographs. Users can accurately tag, categorize, and assign keywords to images, improving the overall quality of their libraries. The software uses advanced indexing techniques, allowing users to quickly search for images based on various criteria. Whether you’re searching by date, location, or keywords, ImageRanger Pro Edition guarantees fast and accurate results.

ImageRanger Pro Edition brings automation to the image editing process. Users can define parameters for automatic processing, allowing the software to classify and organize images based on predefined criteria. This feature not only saves time but also ensures an orderly arrangement of your photo library. The Pro Edition includes tools to identify and edit repeated images within an image collection. This is an important feature for managing storage space and maintaining a library of uncollected photos.

One of the standout features of ImageRanger Pro Edition is its facial recognition capabilities. The software uses advanced algorithms to detect faces in photos, making it easy to edit photos based on the person. This is especially useful for users who have large collections containing images of many people. The software has an easy-to-use, intuitive, and efficient interface. Users can navigate through their photo libraries seamlessly and the streamlined layout improves the overall user experience. This can be especially useful for photography travelers or people who spend time in different locations.

ImageRanger Pro Edition supports RAW image formats, which suits the needs of professional photographers who often work with high-quality uncompressed image files. The inclusion of geotagging features allows users to organize images based on their location. The Pro Edition offers batch editing capabilities, allowing users to apply changes or adjustments to multiple images at the same time. This feature helps to be efficient and save work time. Users can benefit from sophisticated filtering options to narrow search results and quickly find specific images that match multiple parameters.

In short, ImageRanger Pro Edition is a solid solution for individuals and professionals looking for advanced image processing. Its emphasis on fine-tuning, automatic classification, facial recognition, and support for RAW image formats make it a must-have tool for those managing large and varied photo collections. The intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set contribute to a seamless user experience, ensuring users can manage, organize, and capture their images efficiently and quickly. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Advanced image organization: ImageRanger Pro Edition offers tools to efficiently organize and sort large image collections. Users can create a well-structured image library using features such as annotation, editing metadata, and assigning keywords.

Search and Indexing Capabilities: Advanced indexing and search capabilities allow users to quickly find specific images by various criteria such as date, location, and keywords. This is the opposite of a very fast and efficient process.

Auto-Sort Images: The automation feature allows the app to automatically sort images based on different parameters. It is designed for process organization and photo collection needs.

Obnaruzhenie duplicate images: The software includes tools to detect and manage duplicate images from your image collection. It helps users eliminate redundancy and optimize storage space.

Face Recognition: ImageRanger Pro Edition allows the technology to recognize and categorize other people. It is designed to organize a family album or collection.

Flexibility and Customization: The software is designed to be flexible, allowing users to customize image layouts, displays, and access. It allows individuals to use their personal and work processes independently.

RAW Image Support: For professional photography, ImageRanger Pro Edition supports the RAW image format. It is a full integration of workflow, drawing, and erasing.

Batch Processing: In addition, ImageRanger Pro Edition can handle very large batches. This includes batch markup, editing, and entire edits to several images, making it a fully-produced product.

Integration with external editors: ImageRanger Pro Edition comes complete with image editors, editing, and new image tools, as well as ImageRanger’s layout features.

Image Enhancement Using Artificial Intelligence: Some versions of ImageRanger Pro Edition may use an automatic zooming algorithm (II) that helps users improve the quality of their images with minimal intervention.

Geology: Geology features allow users to assign geographic location information to images, improve layout, and search for images based on where they were taken.

Password Protection: ImageRanger Pro Edition introduces additional features and allows additional changes to passwords or collections.


ImageRanger Pro Edition Full Preactivated

ImageRanger Pro Edition Full Preactivated

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