Hunter Assassin v1.94.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Hunter Assassin v1.94.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Android Android 4.4 and upAction
Price: $0
App Name Hunter Assassin
Publisher Ruby Game Studio
Version 1.94.0 Build 1925
OS Required 4.4 and up
Genre Action
Size 86.72 MB
Release Date Oct 03, 2023
Mod Info Unlimited Gems
Get it On Google Play
Hunter Assassin is the most famous version in the Hunter Assassin series of publisher Ruby Game Studio
Mod Version 1.94.0 Build 1925

  • Unlimited Gems Unlocked

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In Hunter Assassin, you play as an assassin who must destroy all opponents. There is no one else to support you in this battle, and the world you find yourself in is terrible and dangerous. Make a courageous face and destroy unpleasant people. Fight gangster bosses with just one knife for defense. Players in Hunter Assassin will be able to carry out attacks, destroying their opponents. Penetrate all the places where bad guys constantly appear. Demonstrate your courage in battle by quickly destroying ferocious opponents. Hunter Assassin requires you to immediately join the attack on all enemies.



Act wisely and find shelter. You shouldn’t join Hunter Assassin with a “hit hard, win fast” mentality. For optimal effect, target each enemy individually. Crates also benefit the player – they are a reliable base for surprise attacks on your enemies. Start with a blazing war in which no one will help you. Fight alone against a horde of powerful enemies. In Hunter Assassin, you explore a new world of danger. Work together to solve problems and catch criminals.

Hunter Assassin

You must look for criminals everywhere. Stacks of packs will appear in front of the player in every room. Players must work quickly to investigate and arrest all criminals. Remove them completely so they can’t thrive. You are alone against a formidable army. “Your life can be stolen at any moment,” said the great killer and hunter. Since everyone has multiple weapons, there are more than ten of you. The question is, who will come out on top? Are you determined to survive and bring justice to all?


They work as a unit supported by a large army. However, they have their own rather formidable offensive weapons. Firearms are capable of causing death. Join the group alone, armed only with a knife and wits. This means that players will have to use strategic fighting techniques. To get to your victim, use the nightshade and the lid of the box. I’m worried about any of your seizures when you don’t make a sound. If they find out, your employees will become involved and you will be powerless to fight back. You can destroy any army of criminals.

Hunter Assassin


The Hunter Assassin player character can participate in shadow combat. You must launch an attack throughout the night. In order to kill as many bad guys as possible, you must focus on identifying their weaknesses. Start with them when they’re not looking and see how fast you can get there. The higher the level, the more scammers. A powerful force now requires you to confront it. Combat skill is the deciding factor. The player’s fighting style will change depending on the situation. It is important to choose an assassin with combat experience or strength. Consequences affect your safety. Can a trained assassin only attack with a knife?

Hunter Assassin


As long as you are having a good time, no one will support you. Face any threats on your own. This is another feature that sets Hunter Assassin apart from others. In this game, you will be able to show your abilities and find the best strategy to destroy the enemy. When you fight rogues, use stealth and darkness to your advantage. The lights will light up when they are detected and the firing phase will begin. To participate silently, the player must concentrate and maintain control of the character. The most effective way to eliminate all criminals is to attack at night when both rogues and enemies are defenseless.


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