High-Logic MainType v12.0.0.1312 (Preactivated/Full)

High-Logic MainType v12.0.0.1312 (Preactivated/Full)

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High-Logic MainType is a font manager and font viewer for Windows that helps you save your fonts. It is intended for both novice users who simply want to view and install fonts, and advanced users such as graphic designers and printers. It’s packed with tons of intuitive features that make it easy to find, manage, preview, organize, install, and print your fonts.


High-Logic MainType is a professional font management software developed by High-Logic B.V. Font management tools like MainType are designed to help users organize, categorize, and manage their massive font collections. Fonts play an important role in design and printing, and a font manager can simplify the process of selecting, installing, and organizing fonts for various projects.

High-Logic MainType is an essential font management and viewing tool for Windows users, from graphic design and publishing beginners to seasoned professionals. In addition to a font viewer, MainType is a comprehensive solution for efficient font storage and organization. The user-friendly interface is designed for novice users looking for an easy platform to search and install fonts.

At the same time, the software offers a wide range of functions to meet the advanced needs of graphic designers and printers. MainType’s intuitive design includes easy-to-find, manage, preview, organize, install, and print fonts. Whether users are starting creative projects or have an extensive font library, High-Logic MainType simplifies font-related tasks and provides versatile and accessible tools to enhance the font management experience on Windows platforms.


High-Logic MainType is a Windows-only font management and viewing software that offers a comprehensive set of features to serve a wide variety of professional users. Whether you’re a novice looking to research and install fonts, or an advanced graphic designer or printer looking for a sophisticated font management tool, MainType has you covered.

The software’s primary function is to act as a central point for storing and efficiently organizing fonts. The user-friendly interface is accessible to beginners and provides an easy platform for font search, installation, and basic management. At the same time, MainType includes many intuitive features to meet the diverse and complex needs of design and print professionals.

Key features of MainType include seamlessly finding, managing, previewing, organizing, installing, and printing fonts. The software’s search and filter functions simplify the process of finding specific fonts from a wide collection, while the preview function allows users to evaluate the appearance of fonts before installation. A categorization and tagging system helps with efficient organization and allows users to create a structured font library based on their preferences. MainType’s font enable and disable support contributes to font simplification and allows users to control which fonts are actively used.

The software’s advanced features include detailed font information such as family, style, version, and copyright details. The Character Map feature helps you explore each font’s character set and select custom icons for your creative projects. MainType offers the ability to backup and restore font collections in case of system changes or errors.

At its core, High-Logic MainType is a versatile and powerful font management tool that balances accessibility for novice users with powerful features for professionals. Whether you have a personal font library or are involved in complex design projects, MainType provides a unified and efficient platform for all your font-related needs on the Windows platform. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Install and Uninstall Fonts: MainType helps you easily install and uninstall fonts on your system. This is especially useful for designers and printers who work with a large number of fonts.

Font Preview: Software often provides font previews, allowing users to see how the font will look before applying it to a document or project.

Font categories and tags: Users can organize fonts by category or make searching easier. It helps to manage different font collections efficiently.

Search and Filter: MainType usually includes robust search and filter options that allow users to quickly find specific fonts based on a variety of criteria.

Enable and Disable Fonts: Users can enable or disable fonts to help optimize font usage and improve system performance.

Backup and Restore: Some font managers, such as MainType, allow you to easily restore your font collection in case of system changes or errors.

Character Map: The Character Map allows users to view and explore a font’s complete character set, which helps them select specific glyphs.

Font Information: MainType usually provides detailed information about each font, including typeface, style, version, and copyright information.

Print Fonts: Users can print font samples or page templates, making it easy to compare and select fonts for specific projects.

User-friendly interface: The software usually has a user-friendly interface that enables different levels of experts to use and manage its features effectively.


High-Logic MainType Full Preactivated

High-Logic MainType Full Preactivated

High-Logic MainType Full Preactivated

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