Faronics Deep Freeze v8.71.020.5734 (Preactivated/Full)

Faronics Deep Freeze v8.71.020.5734 (Preactivated/Full)

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Faronics Deep Freeze is a software solution designed to ensure the integrity and protection of computer systems. Deep Freeze’s primary goal is to help organizations maintain a stable and secure computing environment by preventing changes to system configurations.


Faronics Deep Freeze is a powerful software tool with a comprehensive reboot and recovery solution that will provide maximum protection for your organization’s computers. Using a unique method, Deep Freeze essentially makes workstation settings resistant to deletion or modification, offering reliable protection against unauthorized modification. This means that every time the system is rebooted, changes made on purpose or by mistake are automatically removed. This unique capability keeps the computer in a pre-defined, pristine state, effectively eliminating software installations, configuration tweaks, or malware infections that could cause permanent damage.

The software’s strength lies in its ability to create an environment that ensures system integrity, making it an ideal solution for environments where maintaining a stable and secure computing environment is critical, such as educational institutions, public libraries, and corporate environments. With centralized management capabilities and the option to pause protection for required maintenance, Faronics Deep Freeze enables organizations to easily implement a standardized and secure computing infrastructure.


Faronics Deep Freeze is a robust and innovative software solution designed to provide powerful reboot and recovery mechanisms to ensure the security and integrity of enterprise computers. The main purpose of Deep Freeze is to protect workstation settings from deletion and unauthorized modification.

This is achieved by essentially “freezing” the current state of the computer’s configuration, allowing intentional or accidental changes to be automatically reverted upon system reboot. This unique method permanently returns the computer to a predefined, pristine state, effectively eliminating the risk of permanent modifications, software installation, or potential malware infection.

One of Deep Freeze’s standout features is its centralized management capabilities, which allow administrators to efficiently deploy, configure, and monitor Deep Freeze settings across a network of computers. This is especially valuable in educational institutions, public libraries, and business environments where maintaining a stable and secure computing environment is critical. The software offers the flexibility to create ThawSpaces so that changes remain on the hard drive, providing a balance of security and user customization.

Another important aspect of Deep Freeze is its maintenance mode, which allows administrators to temporarily disable protection against critical system updates, software installations, or configuration changes. After maintenance is complete, Deep Freeze can be re-enabled to restore the system to its original protected state. This adaptability improves the software’s usability in a dynamic IT environment that needs to change from time to time.

Overall, Faronics Deep Freeze stands out as a reliable and effective solution for organizations looking to strengthen the security and stability of their computing infrastructure. With its simple yet powerful system protection approach, centralized management features, and compatibility with a variety of Windows operating systems, Deep Freeze remains a valuable tool for maintaining a controlled and secure computing environment in a variety of settings. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Reboot and recovery solution: Deep Freeze provides a reliable reboot and recovery solution that restores the computer to its preset state every time the system reboots.

Workstation Configuration Protection: The software protects workstation configurations from deletion, ensures system integrity, and protects against unauthorized changes.

Automatic rollback: Any changes made to the system, such as software installation, configuration adjustments, or malware infections, are automatically rolled back when the system is restarted.

Centralized Management: Deep Freeze offers centralized management capabilities, allowing administrators to deploy, configure, and monitor Deep Freeze settings from a central console across a computer network.

ThawSpaces: Users can create ThawSpaces on their hard drives and make changes even after rebooting the system. This feature is useful for saving user data or allowing certain applications to save certain settings.

Maintenance Mode: Administrators can temporarily disable Deep Freeze to allow system updates, software installations, and other necessary changes. After the repair is complete, you can re-enable Deep Freeze to restore the system to its original state.

Compatibility: Deep Freeze is compatible with a wide variety of Windows operating systems, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments, including educational institutions, public libraries, and business organizations.

Protection: By preventing permanent changes and protecting against unauthorized changes, Deep Freeze improves the security of computer systems, especially when it is important to maintain a stable and secure computer environment.

Flexible deployment: The software offers flexibility and adaptability for use in different IT environments with different requirements.


Faronics Deep Freeze Full Preactivated

Faronics Deep Freeze Full Preactivated

Faronics Deep Freeze Full Preactivated

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