EssentialPIM Pro v11.8.4 (Preactivated/Full)

EssentialPIM Pro v11.8.4 (Preactivated/Full)

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EssentialPIM Pro is a universal multilingual personal information organizer with a convenient and versatile interface and various features. Functionality includes options for calendar, tasks, notes, contacts, mail, passwords, and sync with Android and iPhone/iPad. The service has built-in support for the Dropbox service. The program uses the Firebird open-source database, which provides constant access to files, and allows you to create your own plugins and applications.


EssentialPIM Pro is a versatile, universal personal information organizer with a user-friendly interface that covers multiple languages. Its extensive features include calendaring, task management, note-taking capabilities, contact management, email functionality, password management, and synchronization with Android and iPhone/iPad devices. This personal data management tool not only organizes the essentials; It integrates support for the widely used Dropbox service and is convenient for storing and retrieving files.

At the core of EssentialPIM Pro is the powerful Firebird open-source database, which provides seamless access to files and contributes to application stability. What sets it apart is its flexibility, allowing users to customize their experience by building add-ons and apps and allowing individuals to tailor the platform to their unique needs. With EssentialPIM Pro, users can expect an integrated and efficient solution to manage their personal and professional lives, and improve productivity and organization through a comprehensive set of tools and features.

Sticking to your schedule, especially these days, is getting harder and harder. All kinds of software have popped up lately, aimed at this market segment, which is why so many diary, memo, and note-taking apps are popping up. What if there was something that could consolidate all of this under one interface, while also providing some enticing new functions, such as a mail feature and password storage? EssentialPIM Pro Portable does all of this, and it’s pretty impressive.


EssentialPIM Pro is a personal information manager that allows you to control your meetings easily, to-do lists, notes, e-mails, password entries, and contacts. It is an affordable replacement for Outlook. In addition to built-in email support, EssentialPIM Pro offers portability, speed, an intuitive interface, and synchronization of all your information with MS Outlook and almost any online service available (Google, iCloud, Toodledo, SyncML, CalDAV, etc.).

An EssentialPIM Pro data is stored in a secure, fast, and scalable database. Can be linked and searched quickly. EPIM items can reference each other to provide quick navigation between related elements. Full tagging support allows for different tag items and treats them as a single project. What this program can do is pretty evident from the start. The tabbed design allows users to easily navigate from one menu to another, the options they provide are precious.

For example, the Today tab shows you what’s on our calendar for the current day, and offers the ability to create new tasks and appointments. Everything you add in the Calendar and Tasks tab will also automatically appear in the main window, where you can see what’s happening to you at a glance. Speaking of syncing, there’s also the option to connect to popular mail services like Google and Microsoft by adding your accounts. What it does, apart from providing you with the mail update for those accounts, is also fully sync your tasks and schedules with those calendars.

This software provides not only mail input. You can send emails and reply, just as if you were using a normal, full client. Accounts based on IMAP and POP3 mail services can also be added, further expanding the convenience factor of this app. There is also a password manager, which can also be used as a generator for complex login keys, just like those of Bitwarden and Lastpass, for example. It certainly helps a lot in keeping up with the ever-increasing number of sites that require authentication these days.

All the data you store in EssentialPIM Portable can also be saved to Dropbox, ensuring you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. When you add something to EssentialPIM Pro, it also appears in your Google Calendar, and vice versa. It’s an impressive piece of software, and the fact that it manages to pack in so much functionality, all the while remaining a mobile app, is commendable. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Calendar: The program offers a powerful calendar function that allows users to effectively plan and manage events, meetings, and deadlines. Customizable views and reminders contribute to effective time management.

Tasks: EssentialPIM Pro includes a task management system that allows users to create, prioritize, and organize tasks. Features such as deadlines and progress tracking help with task completion and project management.

Notes: Users can use the notes feature to collect and organize ideas, thoughts, and important information. It provides easy reference and quick access to important information.

Contacts: The contact management feature helps users maintain a comprehensive address book with the ability to store and manage contact information, notes, and communication history.

Email Integration: EssentialPIM Pro seamlessly integrates email functionality, allowing users to manage their email within the app. This feature improves convenience by integrating communication tools.

Password Management: The app includes a secure password manager that offers a centralized location to store and organize passwords. This feature improves security and simplifies access to various online accounts.

Sync with Android and iPhone/iPad: EssentialPIM Pro supports syncing with Android and iOS devices, allowing users to seamlessly access their data across multiple platforms.

Dropbox Integration: With built-in support for the Dropbox service, EssentialPIM Pro provides easy file storage and retrieval, enhanced data access, and backup capabilities.

Firebird Database: This application uses Firebird’s open-source database, which provides the foundation for stable and secure access to files.

Plugin and application support: EssentialPIM Pro allows users to create customized plugins and applications, providing a high level of flexibility and customization.


EssentialPIM Pro BE Full Version

EssentialPIM Pro BE Preactivated

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