EarthView v7.9.4 (Preactivated/Full)

EarthView v7.9.4 (Preactivated/Full)

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EarthView is a screensaver and wallpaper that serves as a world or world map. The earth slowly rotates to show where it is day and where it is night. Produces high-quality images for high resolutions. Contains information about the most densely populated cities.


EarthView transforms your computer screen into a dynamic representation of our planet, offering a great combination of functionality and aesthetics for screensavers and wallpapers. The software arranges a stunning display where the world gracefully rotates to depict regions bathed in sunlight and regions engulfed in the peaceful embrace of night. Boasting high-quality images optimized for high resolution, EarthView offers great viewing for users with a variety of display options.

The screensaver is not only visually appealing but also an informative tool with detailed information about the world’s most populous cities. This feature adds an educational dimension, allowing users to gain an understanding of the geographic distribution of human inhabitants around the world while experiencing the smooth and peaceful rotation of the earth. Whether as a background for workstations or as a screen saver when computers are idle, EarthView bridges the realms of information and aesthetics, offering users a dynamic and informative visual journey around the world.


EarthView is an interesting and informative screensaver and wallpaper utility designed to turn your computer screen into a dynamic window, giving you a real-time view of the Earth’s day and night cycles. At its core, EarthView organizes a stunning visual experience by displaying high-quality images that rotate the Earth to show the distribution of sunlight and darkness around the world. It not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the computer screen, but also allows the user to visualize the dynamic nature of our planet in an amazing and fascinating way.

One of EarthView’s unique features is its ability to adapt to high resolutions, allowing users with a variety of display options to view crisp, detailed images. The software’s ability to produce high-resolution images enhances the overall viewing experience and makes it a good choice for those with advanced display settings.

In addition to visuals, EarthView is an educational tool that provides information about the world’s most densely populated cities. This feature adds a layer of information to the screensaver, allowing users to explore and explore the geographic distribution of population density. As the world turns gracefully, users can explore the global landscape of urban centers, creating a nexus of visual engagement and educational enrichment.

EarthView’s versatility extends to double functionality as a screensaver and wallpaper. Users can choose dynamic rotation of the world as a screen saver with an animated, constantly changing background image when the computer is idle. Alternatively, the application allows users to set a world map as wallpaper, which turns the desktop into a visual and informational landscape.

In summary, EarthView perfectly combines aesthetics and information to offer users an engaging and educational journey around the world. Used as a screensaver or wallpaper, this program turns the computer screen into a dynamic window that not only engages the senses but also provides valuable insight into the distribution of human habitation on Earth. With high-quality images, the ability to adapt to different resolutions, and informative features, It is a versatile and engaging tool for users looking for a unique and enriched visual experience. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Dynamic rotation of the Earth: EarthView shows the Earth as it rotates around the Earth, showing the day and night cycle and the changing positions of sunlight and darkness in real time.

High-quality images: This application is designed to produce high-quality images suitable for different screen resolutions, giving users a clear and detailed visual experience.

Screen saver and wallpaper: EarthView acts as a screen saver and wallpaper, allowing users to view a dynamic image of the Earth when the computer is idle or as a continuous background.

Global City Data:  The app includes data on the world’s most populated cities. This feature offers insight into the geographic distribution of population density and adds an educational aspect.

Resolution Adaptability: This app is optimized for high resolution including users with different display preferences and advanced display settings.

Customization options: Users can select a specific city or region, adjust rotation speed, and adjust other visual settings.

Detailed Geographic Information: EarthView may contain additional geographic information, such as coastlines and country borders, which will enhance the realism of the world.

Real Time Updates: The app provides real-time updates and the Earth on screen will accurately reflect the current time and conditions.

User-friendly interface: EarthView has a mostly user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and configuration changes without unnecessary complexity.


EarthView Preactivated

EarthView Preactivated

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