DiskBoss v14.5.18 (Preactivated/Full)

DiskBoss v14.5.18 (Preactivated/Full)

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DiskBoss is a data management solution that allows you to perform various file and data management operations, including disk space analysis, file classification, duplicate file search and cleanup, high-speed file synchronization and secure data transfer, bulk file deletion, and security. . delete data. , disk modification tracking, automated, policy-based file management, and more.


DiskBoss stands out as a comprehensive data management solution that offers comprehensive features to simplify file and data management on Windows systems. Users benefit from versatile features such as disk space analysis, storage usage insights, and file classification based on attributes such as file type and size. This program is excellent at detecting and cleaning duplicate files and helps you use storage resources efficiently.

DiskBoss provides high-speed file synchronization, secure data transfer, and data consistency across multiple locations. With features such as mass file deletion and secure data deletion, users can easily reclaim valuable disk space while keeping their data safe. The tool includes disk change monitoring to track changes in real time, allowing users to stay informed about changes to their storage environment. DiskBoss supports automated, policy-based file management, allowing users to define rules for organizing and storing files and directories.

At its core, DiskBoss is a versatile solution for users looking for a user-friendly, comprehensive platform that offers efficient data management and a wide range of features to meet a variety of file and disk management needs. It supports a variety of file types, systems, and storage devices and provides rules-based file management policies and reports. DiskBoss is available as a desktop or server-based application and can be downloaded from the official website.


DiskBoss is a reliable data management solution for Windows that offers users powerful tools to optimize file and disk performance. Focused on improving organization, optimizing storage space, and ensuring data security, DiskBoss stands out with its comprehensive features. Users can benefit from tools such as disk space analysis, detailed memory usage overview, effective file classification, and duplicate file detection to reclaim valuable disk space. The software excels in high-speed file synchronization and secure data transfer capabilities, contributing to improved data stability and security.

DiskBoss is invaluable for users looking for a versatile and user-friendly platform to efficiently manage their data on Windows. At the heart of DiskBoss is the ability to analyze disk space, giving users a detailed view of how storage is being used. The program’s file classification feature is useful for classifying files by characteristics such as type and size, providing valuable insight into data composition. This helps in making informed decisions about effective storage management. Bulk file deletion and secure data deletion functions allow users to efficiently manage their storage resources while ensuring data security.

Duplicate file detection and cleaning is a unique feature of DiskBoss. Users can easily identify and remove duplicate files, which plays an important role in maintaining a clutter-free and efficient file structure. By reclaiming valuable disk space, DiskBoss contributes to system optimization and improved performance. This tool is especially useful for high-speed file synchronization and secure data transfer. This is especially important for users who need to ensure data consistency across multiple locations and improve collaboration and availability.

DiskBoss goes beyond basic file management with its ability to track disk changes. Users can monitor storage environment changes in real-time and get information about file and directory changes. This feature improves awareness of data dynamics and contributes to a proactive approach to data management. One of the strengths of DiskBoss is its support for automated, policy-based file management. Users can define rules and policies to automate the organization of files according to certain criteria and manage files regularly. This feature simplifies routine tasks and contributes to a well-organized file structure.

In conclusion, DiskBoss is a comprehensive data management solution that meets a wide range of user needs. DiskBoss provides a user-friendly platform with many features such as disk space optimization, file sorting, backup, and data security. Its versatility is ideal for people looking for efficient file organization and IT professionals looking for a tool to manage large data environments. As the data management landscape changes, DiskBoss continues to offer a valuable solution to customers looking for a robust and intuitive platform for their file and disk management needs. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Disk Space Analysis: Provides detailed insight into disk space usage, allowing users to identify which files and folders are using the most storage space.

File Classification: Helps organize and manage files by categorizing them based on various attributes, such as file type, size, and creation date.

Duplicate File Detection and Cleanup: Provides tools to detect and remove duplicate files, helping users reclaim valuable disk space.

High-speed file synchronization: Ensure data consistency and help you quickly synchronize files and folders between different locations.

Secure Data Transfer: Ensures data transfer between locations and helps protect sensitive information during file operations.

Bulk file deletion: Allows users to delete multiple files in bulk, simplifying the process of freeing up disk space.

Secure Data Deletion: Provides tools to securely delete confidential data and prevent recovery by unauthorized users.

Disk Change Monitoring: Monitors disk changes in real-time and notifies users of file and directory changes.

Rule-based file organization: Supports policy-based automatic file management, which allows users to define rules for automatically organizing files.

Convenient Reports: Generate reports on disk space usage, file categories, and other relevant metrics to help you analyze and make decisions.

Command Line Utility: Offers a command line utility for scripting and automation for users who prefer a command line interface.

User-Friendly Interface: A User-friendly interface with intuitive controls makes it accessible to both novice and experienced users.

Support for network servers: DiskBoss can be used to manage files and disks on network servers, and the tool can be extended to larger network environments.

Data security and integrity: Supports secure file deletion and includes features to improve data security and integrity.

Support for a variety of storage devices: Compatible with a variety of storage devices, including internal and external hard drives, SSDs, and network storage.


DiskBoss Full Preactivated

DiskBoss Full Preactivated

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