Dehancer Pro v7.1.3 for OFX (Preactivated/Full)

Dehancer Pro v7.1.3 for OFX (Preactivated/Full)

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Dehancer Pro for OFX is a plugin for film-like color grading and film effects in DaVinci Resolve. Dozens of realistic photos and movies with realistic analog controls. It includes Film Grain, Bloom, and Halation effects to complete the look.


Dehancer Pro for OFX is an essential plug-in for color grading and adding cinematic effects within DaVinci Resolve. This powerful tool turns your digital photos into a field of reality, offering dozens of realistic film profiles and including classic film stock details for every project. Its extensive library includes color shift controls as well as a variety of analog tools that provide users with an authentic, tactile experience reminiscent of analog film processing.

These include Bloom and Halation effects that add an extra layer of consistency and realism to Film Grain, an essential element in recreating the texture of celluloid film. A plug-in dedicated to replicating these analog qualities sets it apart, allowing video editors and colorists to achieve a level of sophistication in their projects that captures the timeless appeal of traditional cinematography. With Dehancer Pro for OFX, visuals transcend the digital realm and gain the warmth and depth associated with the golden age of cinema.


Dehancer Pro for OFX emerges as a powerful and feature-rich plugin designed specifically for DaVinci Resolve, bringing a stunning and authentic cinematic experience to video professionals and enthusiasts. Essentially, the plugin acts as a film-like color grading gateway, introducing an extensive library of real-world film profiles and bringing the nuances of classic film stocks to every project. Its compatibility with DaVinci Resolve allows for seamless integration into editing workflows and provides users with versatile tools to enhance the look of content.

One of the unique features of Dehancer Pro for OFX is the inclusion of true analog controls. These controls go beyond conventional digital manipulation, allowing users to infuse their projects with a tactile, authentic feel reminiscent of the analog film process. The plug-in has a variety of analog tools, including a basic film grain effect that faithfully reproduces the texture of celluloid film and adds depth and character to images. In addition, Bloom and Halation effects create realism and allow users to create a truly cinematic look.

For comprehensive OFX features, Dehancer Pro goes beyond color grading and analog effects. It aims to empower users with the tools to overcome the limitations of digital filmmaking and create visuals that have the timeless appeal of traditional cinema. This plugin’s commitment to realism and attention to detail is evident in its ability to reproduce the color gradation of classic films, as well as the subtle imperfections and characteristics that define the analog film experience.

Finally, Dehancer Pro for OFX is a solution for those who want to bring their DaVinci Resolve projects to true cinematography. Whether it’s an extensive library of film profiles, a variety of analog controls, or meticulous attention to film texture reproduction, this plug-in is a powerful and versatile tool for achieving a timeless and eye-catching aesthetic in digital video editing. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Movie Profiles: Dehancer Pro for OFX can contain a variety of movie profile libraries that allow users to emulate different versions of various classic movies. These include color grading, grain emulation, and color quality.

Analog Controls: The plug-in can offer a variety of analog controls that simulate the imperfections and nuances associated with analog film processing. It can include Film Grain, Bloom, Halation effects, and other elements that contribute to a more authentic and organic look.

Advanced color grading tools: Expect a variety of color grading tools that allow you to fine-tune color balance, saturation, contrast, and other parameters. It gives users precise control over the overall look and feel of their videos.

Real-Time Preview: The ability to preview changes in real time is essential for effective workflows and instant feedback on color grading adjustments. This feature allows users to see the effects of changes without time-consuming rendering.

Integration with DaVinci Resolve: Seamless integration with DaVinci Resolve makes the editing process smooth and easy. Users can apply Dehancer Pro effects directly within the DaVinci Resolve interface.

User-friendly interface: A user-friendly interface with intuitive controls improves the accessibility of color grading to experienced colorists and novices alike.

Customization Options: This plugin allows users to customize the settings according to their preferences and creative requirements.

High-quality output support: Dehancer Pro for OFX is designed to support high-quality output, and the enhanced rendering will be effectively translated into the final rendered video.


Dehancer Pro for OFX Full Preactivated

Dehancer Pro for OFX Full Preactivated

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