DecSoft App Builder v2024.17 (Preactivated/Full)

DecSoft App Builder v2024.17 (Preactivated/Full)

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DecSoft App Builder is a visual development environment for building cross-platform applications. It allows users to create web and mobile apps without writing code by hand. Users can use the visual interface to design the user interface and define the functionality of the application, often using drag and drop.


DecSoft App Builder is a professional visual development environment that allows users to create HTML5 applications, web applications, progressive web applications, web extensions, and hybrid applications for modern desktop and mobile browsers. It is also compatible with platforms such as Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows. This app builder is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a language that users need to know to create modern apps that work across all mobile and desktop browsers, as well as platforms like Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

DecSoft App Builder is integrated with Apache Cordova, which prepares the application with the correct configuration files, platform icons, screenshots, package files, shell files, and JSON files. It also integrates all official Cordova plugins. The app builder provides a list of quick codes that help users write JavaScript code faster by providing all available control properties, methods, and more. The app builder includes a proper app file manager, so users can link JavaScript and template files, add images, and other files (such as JSON files), and even use entire libraries at runtime.

In addition to the available application methods and application views, application dialogs, application frames, Apache Cordova plugin methods, and all available control-provided methods that users can use, You can configure your user roles. available at program execution time. DecSoft App Builder offers a very useful application resource manager that allows you to configure any number of JavaScript strings, arrays, objects, and JSON resources available at runtime.


DecSoft App Builder is a user-friendly visual development environment that helps you create cross-platform apps using extensive coding technologies. A powerful management tool that combines the flexibility of JavaScript with a platform that allows users to create complex web and mobile applications. A unique feature of the platform is its drag-and-drop interface, which makes it incredibly easy to define the design and functionality of an app’s user interface.

Designed with versatility in mind, DecSoft App Builder is a flexible plugin for web browsers, iOS and Android platforms, allowing developers to reach a wide range of users. Essentially, by using JavaScript code to enhance a seamless architecture based on the visual aspects of the program, it offers more advanced features for modifying JavaScript.

The product side of DecSoft App Builder simplifies the development process with built-in components and actions. Users can use preview builds to improve the functionality of an application without the need for extensive manual coding. This feature is designed for people with varying levels of programming knowledge to speed up development.

In addition, DeSoft App Builder pays special attention to scalability. Users can extend their streaming applications by integrating third-party plugins or libraries, customizing and using custom streaming features. Enhancements allow developers to customize the project and use external resources to improve the capabilities of their applications.

To sum it up, DecSoft App Builder is a reliable solution for those looking for a simple and visual approach to app development. The ease of drag and drop, the flexibility of JavaScript, and the power of extensibility through plugins make it a true resource for people and teams looking to implement user-friendly designs and build cross-platform apps efficiently. DecSoft App Builder serves a wide range of users beyond web or mobile app development by providing a collaborative and accessible environment for app creation.


Visual Development: App Builder provides a visual development environment where users can design user interfaces and define app functionality using visual elements.

Cross-platform development: Apps built with DecSoft App Builder can be used on multiple platforms including web browsers and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Drag-and-drop interface: Users can create their apps by simply dragging and dropping elements from the design drawing, making it easy for people without extensive programming experience to create apps.

Built-in Components: DecSoft App Builder comes with a number of built-in components and actions that users can add functionality to their apps without writing code.

JavaScript-based: Based on a visual development environment, DecSoft App Builder typically generates JavaScript code for application logic. Users can insert custom JavaScript code if needed.

Extensibility: Some versions of DecSoft App Builder allow users to extend the functionality of their app by integrating with third-party plugins or libraries.

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