ContourTrace Professional v2.8.1(Preactivated/Full)

ContourTrace Professional v2.8.1(Preactivated/Full)

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ContourTrace Professional allows you to quickly and easily convert raster images such as BMP and JPEG to vector images such as DXF and SVG formats. The main purpose of the program is to extract the contour of the object. You can use the resulting data for measurement, testing, design, and production.


ContourTrace Professional offers a seamless solution for converting raster images, including BMP and JPEG formats, to vector images such as DXF and SVG. The main task of the program is to make the correct contours of the objects in the picture. This extracted data serves many purposes, including measurement, testing, design, and industrial applications. The software includes advanced features that allow users to fine-tune camera settings to correct lens errors such as distortion in captured images.

This capability improves the resolution of the resulting vector image, making it invaluable for tasks that require precision. For contour realism, ContourTrace Professional allows entities to be saved as pixels, allowing users to maintain fidelity and consistency in design and manufacturing workflows. With intuitive and versatile tools, ContourTrace Professional emerges as a powerful tool for professionals looking for efficient raster-to-vector conversion and precise contour extraction for a variety of purposes.


ContourTrace Professional stands out as an advanced and versatile software solution for fast and accurate conversion of raster images such as BMP and JPEG formats to vector images such as DXF and SVG. The main purpose of the program is to extract the correct contours from the image, and it is an important tool for professionals working in the fields of measurement, testing, design and production. Its efficient conversion process allows users to seamlessly transition from pixel-based raster images to scalable vector formats, ensuring adaptability to a variety of applications.

One of the unique features of ContourTrace Professional is the ability to improve captured images by adjusting camera settings and removing errors such as lens distortion. This feature improves the overall accuracy of vectorized contours, making the software particularly useful for tasks that require accuracy and precision. Eliminating lens errors allows the resulting vector image to accurately represent the contours of the original object.

The versatility of the software allows you to save units as pixels and create realistic-sized contours. This is especially useful in design and manufacturing workflows where maintaining accurate scale is critical. ContourTrace Professional allows users to seamlessly integrate vectorized contours into their projects, ensuring stability and reliability.

ContourTrace Professional’s intuitive interface enhances the user experience and makes it accessible to a wide range of professionals, from graphic designers to engineers. This software simplifies the raster-to-vector conversion process, offers a variety of customization options, and offers a reliable solution for individuals and businesses looking for efficient and accurate contouring.

In conclusion, ContourTrace Professional is emerging as a comprehensive tool that meets the complex needs of professionals working in a variety of industries. Raster-to-vector conversion, error correction, and life-size contouring features make it a valuable asset for those who demand precision and versatility in their digital workflows. Whether used in a design, production or test environment, ContourTrace Professional offers a sophisticated solution for harnessing the power of vector graphics derived from raster images. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Convert raster to vector: Basic function for converting raster images (BMP, JPEG) to vector formats (DXF, SVG).

Fine contour: Precise extraction of contours from the image will be faithful to the original object.

Suitable camera settings: Advanced features allow users to adjust camera settings to correct lens errors such as distortion in captured images.

Editing vector images: Vectorized image editing and enhancement tools allow users to make adjustments as needed.

Ability to measure and check: Functionality to use the acquired contour data for measurement, testing, and analysis purposes.

Design and manufacturing integration: Seamless integration into design and production workflows, providing vector graphics for a variety of applications.

Unit settings and scaling: Options to save units in pixels or adjust the scale allow realistic rendering of contours for accurate rendering.

User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use, intuitive interface for professionals with different levels of knowledge.

Customization options: Features that allow users to customize settings and customize the conversion process to suit their needs.

Industry Diversity: Can be used in graphic design, engineering, manufacturing, and other fields that require precise contours.

Automation and batch processing: Automation features that improve the efficiency of users dealing with large data sets and help process multiple images in batches.

Output format options: Options to export vector images in various formats for flexibility in various applications.


ContourTrace Professional Full Preactivated

ContourTrace Professional Full Preactivated

ContourTrace Professional Full Preactivated

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