Clip Studio Paint EX v3.0.0 (Preactivated/Full)

Clip Studio Paint EX v3.0.0 (Preactivated/Full)

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Clip Studio Paint EX is professional-grade software for creating digital art, illustrations, and comics. It is known for its versatile features and is widely used by artists, illustrators, and comic book creators around the world.


Clip Studio Paint is a drawing program to use to let your artistic talents shine. Through the intuitive interface, you will have no problem accessing the software’s many tools. This way you will get highly polished photos that will amaze the whole world.

One of the key aspects of Clip Studio Paint is that the software is fully compatible with the main brands of digitizer tablets on the market, such as Wacom or Samsung. This means you always have the essential features to finish any drawing, comic, or manga with ease. After completing each project, use resources as efficiently and organized as possible.

Another interesting feature of Clip Studio Paint is its extensive ruler system. With these lines, you can gain perspective and realistic depth, which will help you finish each piece without wasting time on outlines. Moreover, there are many colors and paintbrushes available when you need them, and you can use them to paint your drawings. All this allows you to easily digitize any photo composition.

Clip Studio Paint is a great drawing program that allows artists to create compositions and digital paintings intuitively. As if you were able to stand in front of a blank canvas and execute each project until you achieved the desired result. Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is an option to export the results in the format and quality you want, so you can print your photos or add them to any digital media or publication.


This app offers a variety of drawing tools, including customizable brushes, pens, pencils, and markers. These tools allow artists to create precise and expressive lines, textures, and shadows. Clip Studio Paint EX incorporates vector drawing tools, enabling artists to create scalable artwork without losing quality. This feature is particularly useful for creating illustrations and graphics. The software offers specialized tools for comic and manga creation, such as panel rulers, speech balloons, and page management features. These tools streamline the process of creating comic panels, adding dialogue, and organizing pages.

Clip Studio Paint EX includes animation features, allowing artists to create dynamic and engaging animations. It supports timeline-based animation, onion skinning, and various animation effects. The software supports 3D models and assets, enabling artists to import, pose, and manipulate 3D models within their artwork. This feature helps in achieving accurate perspective and complex poses. Clip Studio Paint EX provides a range of text and lettering tools, allowing artists to add captions, dialogue, and text effects to their artwork. It supports various fonts and customizable text options. The software offers a highly customizable interface, allowing artists to personalize their workspace, arrange tools, and create custom shortcuts for efficient workflow.

Clip Studio Paint EX supports various file formats, including PSD, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF, for exporting artwork. It also offers options for sharing artwork directly to social media platforms and cloud storage services. The Materials menu contains the public side of the program: in short, there are a large number of assets that you can include in your work for free. It greatly speeds up the creation process as patterns, textures, manga, drawing materials, brushes, and catalogs are all available here. Some are free, some are paid, and free options are in no short supply. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Drawing Tools: It provides a variety of drawing tools such as pens, brushes, and pencils, allowing artists to create a variety of artistic styles.

Vector lines: Clip Studio Paint uses vector lines, making it easy to scale and edit images without losing quality. This is especially useful for comic book artists who may need to resize and resize their drawings.

Custom Brushes: Artists can create and customize their own brushes to create unique textures and effects for their artwork.

Comic Book Tool: This includes features specifically for creating comic books, such as panel creation, perspective rulers, popup tools, and more. This makes it a popular choice among manga artists.

Animation support: Clip Studio Paint EX has an animation feature that allows artists to create 2D animations directly in the software.

3D Models: The software includes a 3D model feature that artists can use to create characters or create complex scenes.

Multi-Page Management: Supports multi-page documents, making it ideal for creating multi-page comics.


Clip Studio Paint EX Full Version

Clip Studio Paint EX Full Version

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