CCleaner Professional v6.23.11010 (Preactivated/Full)

CCleaner Professional v6.23.11010 (Preactivated/Full)

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CCleaner Professional is a proven and award-winning PC cleaning tool that protects your privacy, improves productivity, and keeps your software up to date. It offers a free trial, a new performance optimizer, a driver updater, a health checker, and more. Real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, bug fixes, driver updates, and privacy protection.


CCleaner Professional is a recognized and award-winning PC cleaning tool that offers a versatile solution to improve your PC’s performance and security. In addition to protecting user privacy, this integrated software is designed to optimize performance and keep software up-to-date. Offering a free trial, CCleaner Professional introduces users to powerful features such as new performance optimizations, driver updaters, and health checkers. The software’s real-time monitoring capabilities provide constant monitoring, alert users to potential optimization opportunities, and ensure efficient system operation.

Scheduled cleaning options automate routine maintenance tasks and bug fixes help keep your PC running more smoothly. In addition to simple cleanup, driver updates ensure that the underlying system drivers are updated to ensure optimal hardware performance. Additionally, CCleaner Professional prioritizes privacy protection by removing traces of online and offline activity. With a proven track record and tools to improve system efficiency and security, It remains a comprehensive solution for users looking for reliable PC cleaning and optimization tools.


The list of actions that can be done with CCleaner Professional Edition is not very long, but straightforward. The app can collect data on your device and offer additional acceleration and extra space by clearing temporary internet files and cache, temporary system files, and Windows registry. You can use the tool only to analyze your computer to determine the space created by deleting unwanted files, or to report what happened after the program was cleaned. deleted.

Additionally, you can run Registry Cleaner to scan your computer. It offers you troubleshooting, but you can choose which one to solve. Temporary files don’t just take up space on your computer, so you can use CCleaner Professional Edition to remove programs you don’t need. At the same time, it allows you to view startup programs and system restore points, or find various files on your computer. If you want to make more space, you can wipe the drivers completely or keep their free space clean.

The program can help you clear Windows event logs, and pre-existing old data, delete ordered files, or eliminate free space. In general, CCleaner Professional Edition is a powerful and fast tool that is suitable when you think your Windows computer needs some cleaning. It offers to install third-party software that changes your browser settings but is still a fast and reliable tool. CCleaner Professional is a version of the popular CCleaner software, designed for individuals and small businesses. It includes many of the features of the standard version of CCleaner, as well as additional features tailored to the needs of professional users. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Automatic cleaning: CCleaner Professional can automatically clean your computer in the background, without the need for manual intervention.

Customizable settings: You can create custom settings and cleaning rules, and configure the software to suit your needs.

Automatic updates: The software automatically checks for updates and installs them, ensuring that you are always running the latest version.

Windows Event Log cleaning: The Windows Event Log, can help to free up space and improve performance on the computer.

Automatic privacy protection: CCleaner Professional can automatically clean your browser history, cookies, and other personal data, to help protect your privacy.

File Finder: The software includes a file finder feature that allows you to quickly locate and delete unnecessary files on a computer.

Scheduled cleaning: You can schedule cleaning tasks to run automatically, ensuring that your computer is regularly maintained without the need for manual intervention.

Detailed reporting: CCleaner Professional provides detailed reports on the cleaning tasks that have been performed, including the number of files and registry keys that were cleaned, and the amount of space that was freed up.

Premium support: CCleaner Professional comes with premium support, which provides you with priority access to technical support, and assistance with troubleshooting and resolving any issues you may encounter.

Automatic optimization: The software includes a feature that automatically optimizes your computer for better performance, by disabling unnecessary startup programs and services.

Advanced security: CCleaner Professional includes advanced security features, such as secure file deletion, to help protect sensitive data on your computer.

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