Adguard v7.17.4705.0 (Preactivated/Full)

Adguard v7.17.4705.0 (Preactivated/Full)

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AdGuard is a popular ad blocking and privacy protection software designed to block intrusive ads, protect against online tracking, and improve online browsing by creating a safer and more private Internet. It aims to block all types of ads, including banners, popups, video ads, etc.


AdGuard stands out as an ad-blocking and privacy protection program carefully designed to block intrusive ads and strengthen online browsing protection. Dedicated to creating a safer and more personalized, AdGuard comprehensively targets a variety of ad formats, from banners to pop-ups to video ads, effectively removing these barriers.

AdGuard takes a proactive stance on privacy and protects user data from web analytics and online trackers. This robust suite allows users to customize their ad-blocking settings to create a customized. AdGuard not only provides you with an ad-free by expertly removing annoying web elements; It creates a digital paradise where users can surf the internet without compromising their privacy or struggling with unwanted ad interruptions. In a digital environment where online privacy is challenged, It acts as a watchdog, empowering users to monitor their online interactions and promote a safer and more enjoyable internet journey.


AdGuard is a complete ad blocking and privacy protection solution, offering powerful tools to help users create a safer and more enjoyable online experience. AdGuard stands out as a popular and widely accepted software that is based on the quest to remove intrusive ads and is available on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and various web browsers. AdGuard excels in its ability to block all types of ads, from banners and pop-ups to video ads, giving users an uncluttered and easy browsing experience. Its ad-blocking capabilities go a long way toward speeding up page load times and making more efficient use of bandwidth, so it’s more than just an aesthetic improvement.

However, AdGuard isn’t just about aesthetics; committed to protecting user privacy in the digital environment. Using sophisticated filters and algorithms, the software effectively protects users from online tracking mechanisms and protects sensitive data from web analytics tools. This privacy-focused approach allows users to surf the Internet without compromising their privacy or being exposed to aggressive data collection methods. Its versatility is demonstrated by customizable filters that allow users to fine-tune ad-blocking options to create a personalized online environment. Whether it’s blocking certain types of content or setting rules for individual websites, It gives users a high level of control over their digital experience.

For parents concerned about their children’s online activities, AdGuard includes powerful parental control features. This feature allows parents to manage and restrict access to inappropriate content, creating a safer online environment for young users. Furthermore, It seamlessly integrates with popular web browsers through dedicated extensions, offering users the flexibility to use ad-blocking and privacy features without compromising their favorite browsing experience.

At its core, AdGuard not only eliminates the nuisance of online ads but is also a multi-faceted solution to protect user privacy in the age of digital threats. It combines effective ad blocking, customizable filtering, privacy protection, and parental controls to make it a trusted ally for users looking for a safer, more private, and ultimately more enjoyable online journey.


Ad Blocking: AdGuard effectively blocks a variety of ads, including banners, pop-ups, video ads, and other intrusive elements, giving users a cleaner, ad-free experience.

Privacy Protection: The software protects user privacy by blocking tracking scripts and preventing websites and advertisers from collecting and analyzing user data. This feature allows users to remain anonymous while browsing the Internet.

Safe Browsing: AdGuard includes tools that alert users to malicious websites, phishing attempts, and other online threats. It adds an extra layer of protection to prevent users from accessing malicious content.

Customizable Filters: Users have the flexibility to customize and modify AdGuard’s filters to their liking. It allows you to block certain types of content or create rules for individual websites.

Parental Controls: It offers parental control features that allow parents to manage and restrict their children’s online activities. This includes blocking inappropriate content and creating a safe online environment for young users.

Filter out annoying elements: In addition to ads, AdGuard can filter out other annoying elements on web pages, such as banners, social media widgets, and other distracting and unwanted content.

Stealth Mode: It includes a Stealth Mode feature that prevents websites from tracking users’ online activities by disabling web browser monitoring mechanisms.

HTTPS Filter: It filters and inspects HTTP and HTTPS connections for phishing and malicious content, providing an extra layer of security during online interactions.

Traffic Protection: The software helps optimize and secure Internet traffic by blocking potentially harmful websites, protecting users from online threats, and improving overall Internet security.


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