ActivePresenter Pro v9.1.4 (Preactivated/Full)

ActivePresenter Pro v9.1.4 (Preactivated/Full)

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Active Presenter Pro program is designed to create screencasts (video presentations, training videos). The main advantages of the application include advanced methods for processing documents from the exhibition (cutting, cutting, drawing, creating signatures, and pasting). In addition, the program allows you to create high-quality clips without using additional packages for video editing.

Users are able to visually display mouse clicks, cursor movement and position, keystrokes, and drag-and-drop mechanisms. An extensive set of editing tools ensures the correct application of graphics, text, and standard shapes (eg, arrows and circles), including simplifying the application of adjustment scales, highlighting elements, and implementing transitions between different slides.


ActivePresenter Pro is a comprehensive and feature-rich software designed to create professional-quality screencasts, interactive e-learning content, video presentations, and software simulations. Developed by Atomi Systems, ActivePresenter Pro meets the needs of educators, trainers, content creators, and businesses alike. With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, the software has gained popularity as a reliable and versatile tool in the e-learning and digital content creation domain.

ActivePresenter Pro’s key strength is its ability to capture screen activity in real time, making it ideal for recording software demonstrations, tutorials, and webinars. The software provides a variety of recording modes, including full-motion recording, which captures every action on the screen, and smart capture, which focuses on specific applications or areas to optimize file size and performance.

ActivePresenter Pro stands out for its extensive editing capabilities. After recording, users have access to a wide range of editing tools that allow them to enhance their content. The software supports adding notes, text, graphics, and callouts, as well as highlighting important areas. Additionally, users can add background audio, narration, and webcam footage to enrich the overall learning experience. With built-in video and audio editing features, users can trim, split, and merge clips to create a polished and professional end product.

A unique feature of ActivePresenter Pro is its support for interactive elements. Users can easily add interactive elements such as quizzes, branching scenarios, and simulations to actively engage learners. Interactive quizzes and assessments can be customized with different question types and response options, making them a powerful tool for testing knowledge retention and reinforcing learning objectives.

Furthermore, ActivePresenter Pro offers support for HTML5 output, enabling users to create responsive and mobile-friendly content accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that learners can access content anytime and anywhere, improving the overall accessibility of e-learning materials.

To meet various learning needs, ActivePresenter Pro supports SCORM and xAPI standards for seamless integration with learning management systems (LMS). This feature facilitates tracking and reporting of learner progress, completion rates, and quiz scores. It is particularly beneficial for educators and organizations that need to monitor the effectiveness of their training programs and identify areas for improvement.

Another strength of ActivePresenter Pro is its built-in interactivity and animation effects, which help create attractive and visually appealing presentations. Users can apply animations, transitions, and object states to bring their content to life and effectively capture learner attention.

Furthermore, ActivePresenter Pro includes powerful features for video and audio editing such as noise reduction, audio normalization, and green screen effects, which enable users to create more professional and polished videos.

In summary, ActivePresenter Pro is a powerful and versatile software tool for creating interactive and engaging eLearning content, software simulations, video presentations, and screencasts. Its user-friendly interface, extensive editing capabilities, support for interactive elements, and output options make it an ideal choice for educators, trainers, content creators, and businesses looking to deliver high-quality and effective digital content.


ActivePresenter Pro is a powerful and user-friendly software designed to create interactive e-learning content, videos, screencasts, and simulation programs. Developed by Atomy Systems, the software is widely used by educators, learners, content creators, and businesses to provide professional computing solutions.

The main feature of ActivePresenter Pro is its powerful ability to capture your screen. It allows users to capture full data of their screen activity, making it an excellent tool for creating software demos, training, and webinars. The software also offers a smart Capture feature, which focuses on specific applications or areas to maximize file size and performance.

After recording, users can use the full control tools available in ActivePresenter Pro. They can add information, text, images, and comments to improve their content and provide more information. The software supports audio and video editing, allowing users to add audio, text, and images to the webcam to create more interesting and informative content.

A unique feature of ActivePresenter Pro is its support for interactions. Users can easily add interactive elements such as quizzes, sample branches, and examples to engage learners. It is an excellent tool to test knowledge retention and reinforce learning objectives.

In addition, ActivePresenter Pro offers HTML5 projects, ensuring that the content created is responsive and accessible on different devices, including smartphones and tablets. The software supports SCORM and xAPI standards for seamless integration with learning management systems (LMS), allowing users to track and analyze student progress and test scores.

The use of animations and interactive effects enhances the visual appeal of the content, making it more engaging and memorable for the learner. It also includes advanced features such as noise reduction, noise reduction, and green screen effects, allowing users to create professional and professional photos.

ActivePresenter Pro is a unique and specialized software that empowers educators, teachers, content creators, and businesses to develop interactive and interactive content, video, and software simulations. Its recording and modeling capabilities, support for interaction, action options, and various effects make it an important tool in e-learning and digital landscape production. Whether for educational, training, or commercial purposes, ActivePresenter Pro provides an efficient and effective solution for creating high-quality and useful digital content. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Smart Capture: ActivePresenter Pro offers a Smart Capture mode that intelligently detects and captures screen activities. This feature is especially useful when recording software demonstrations or tutorials, as it can focus on specific applications or areas of the screen, optimizing file size and improving performance.

Rich annotation tools: The software provides various annotation tools like shapes, arrows, text boxes, and highlights. These tools allow users to emphasize important points, add descriptions, and draw attention to specific areas of the screen during recordings and presentations.

Video and Audio Editing: ActivePresenter Pro includes a powerful video and audio editor that allows users to enhance their recordings. They can trim unwanted parts, merge clips together, adjust audio levels, and add background music or voiceovers to enhance the overall quality of the content.

Interactive Quizzes and Assessments: With ActivePresenter Pro, users can create interactive quizzes and assessments in their presentations. The software supports various question types including multiple-choice, true/false, short answer, and more. Users can set feedback for each question to provide immediate feedback to the learner.

Simulation and Scenario-Based Training: Active Presenter Pro excels in creating interactive simulations and scenario-based training modules. Users can develop realistic simulations to simulate software behavior or real-life situations, allowing learners to effectively practice and apply their knowledge.

HTML5 Output with Responsive Design: ActivePresenter Pro exports content to HTML5 format, ensuring it is responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes and devices. This mobile-friendly output allows learners to access content on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, providing a seamless learning experience.

SCORM and xAPI Support: The software is fully compatible with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and xAPI (Experience API), making it easy to integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS). This feature allows for better tracking, reporting, and analysis of learner progress and performance.

Zoom and Pan Effects: ActivePresenter Pro enables users to apply zoom and pan effects to specific areas of the screen during recordings and presentations. This feature is useful for highlighting details or guiding the learner’s attention to important points.

Closed Captions and Subtitles: To increase accessibility, ActivePresenter Pro allows users to add closed captions and subtitles to their videos. This feature ensures that learners with hearing impairments or language barriers can still benefit from the content.

Export to various formats: The software offers multiple export options, allowing users to save their projects in various formats including popular video formats (MP4, AVI, WebM), interactive HTML5, SCORM, xAPI, and more. This versatility makes it easy to share content across different platforms and devices.


ActivePresenter Pro

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